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Help with Upgrading my Site

  • stefk


    Hi guys

    I have been running my website on buddypress for a few months and it has been doing very well in my niche market.

    With the further development of Buddypress and WordPress MU i have reached a stage where i HAVE to upgrade to take advantage of the great improvements.

    The dilemma now is that i don’t know how to upgrade and which versions of Buddypress is compatible with which version of WordPress MU? And where do i get these versions and how?

    My site is running on WordPress MU 2.7 and Buddypress 1.0-RC1. and i am using the 1st version of Darkpress by buddydress.

    Can anyone please assist me with this and what steps i need to tae to make this a successful upgrade?



    ps. the site is

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  • r-a-y


    BP 1.0.2 is the last version compatible with MU 2.7.1.

    If I were you, I’d wait for the next version of BuddyPress – version 1.1 scheduled to be released next week.

    You would need to upgrade WPMU to 2.8.4.

    When you upgrade, make sure you backup everything! (database, wp-content directory)

    Deactivate all plugins, rename “mu-plugins” folder (if you use mu-plugins) and then install WPMU over your existing install.

    Next, install new version of BuddyPress, reactivate plugins and everything should be good (I say should because each case is different!).

    Since you didn’t mention bbPress, I presume you don’t have to worry about it, which is good, since that takes out one main item out of the equation!



    I am planning to upgrade from BP 1.0.2 so that I can use WPMU 2.8 plugins. I do have bbpress integreted right now. Would I have to reconfigure that after upgrade or would continue working as it has?



    Is there a series of tests that we can perform to make sure that the WPMU+Buddypress upgrades have completed without any damages? WordPress says all upgrades went off well but I am still concerned about finding problems later.



    If you have bbPress installed, you should double-check to see if your BP group forums work.

    Post in bbPress in a BP group forum and see if that post appears in BuddyPress and vice versa.

    Also if you used any BP widgets, remove and re-add them since the widgets API in WPMU 2.8 changed.

    Lastly, check to see if your 3rd-party BP plugins work (if you have any installed).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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