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Hidden Groups should not be hidden from Admin

  • I believe it seems at the moment, that a hidden group is really hidden – even from the Admin (even in the WPMU Backend). I believe, that this is not good. People could make a hidden group with illegal content, and I as an admin don’t know that my platform is used for that.

    What do others think about it?

    I believe that an admin should see everything!

    I didn’t see any change for that on the roadmap or in a ticket…

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  • John James Jacoby


    At the moment there is no access control that determines if a is_site_admin() overrides anything; but Jeff’s working on that component now to provide granular control over BP objects and who can see/do what.

    I think that different websites will have different needs regarding things like this, and custom functions/hooks/actions can be created to allow for this if you need them. Example being that currently site-admins cannot edit user xprofile information, but some sites might really want that ability… Same with private messages, etc…

    If you need some help looking for a hook or filter or action to tap into, or a function to recreate on your own, we can discuss that in this topic as I imagine others might want something similar for their own use.

    Would be great, if you could give me a hook/hack/whatever, so that I could see ALL groups (even the hidden ones) per example in my admin-backend (where the groups are anyhow).

    Sorry, I am a copy-paste-try-to-changer, not a programmer… :-)

    Thanks alot already!

    Sam Steiner


    Is this legally OK to have groups in BuddyPress that are not even visible for the administrator who is responslible for the contents of his site?

    Worst case, a terror cell could open a hidden group on our church network and use that to organize attacks without even the administrator knowing of the existence of such a group. I think this concept is a bit strange.



    Uhmm…while I do agree there should be an option to do so, your argument did made me chuckle as I don’t think a terror cell would need your network. Especially considering that you can download wordpress and buddypress free of charge.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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