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Host Concatenates Scripts; Visual Editor Not Showing; Need Coding Solution

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    HI….so, one of my sites is on a Managed Hosting Plan. This means that the host concatenates scripts. Which is all fine and dandy, but apparently that turns off the default behaviour of the Visual Editor. I’m using the Visual Editor in the BuddyPress Group Forums to chat… upload pictures. I’ve been using the plugin, ‘Image Upload’ that uses the TinyMCE editor in the Visual Editor to allow images to be placed inline in comments. Works fab.

    Until there is a host you pay good money to, to speed up your website…..that concatenates scripts, which then means the Text Editor shows by default — even if you go to ‘Users’ and have ‘disable Visual Editor’ unchecked.

    I even placed code in my WP-Config file to disable concatenation…….nope.

    Interesting fact: on a dev sever, when I used this same code, it properly counteracted concatenation and showed the Visual Editor by default. But, once I put that same exact site (cloned) on to the live site, the code no longer works to counteract concatenation. And the Visual Editor no longer showed — the Text Editor does.

    I’ve eliminated the little ‘tabs’ that would allow users to switch between Text and Visual editors in their Forum comments….because I only want the Visual Editor to show. Unfortunately since the host I use overrides any ‘do not concatenate’ settings in my WP-Config (or elsewhere)…..the Text Editor shows.

    So the new solution I’ve come up with: find a way via CSS to have the Visual Editor always show, via the !important tag.

    But I have no idea what to call the Visual Editor to place it in my CSS !important tag. I’ve used Chrome Inspector to suss out what it could possibly be called, and all attempts have failed.

    Perhaps some other code should be used???

    I just want the visual editor to always show; concatenation is actually NEATO….and I’d love to keep it on. Well….lol, I don’t really have a choice, hahaa….


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