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How do I change the ‘activation successful’ text?

  • snazzypack


    Once a user activated their account in their email, they are redirected to a page on the site that gives a little text and a log in link. I need to change the log in link or the text all together. How do I do this?

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  • Henry Wright


    I suggest you localise. Take a look at at something like Poedit. For more info see the Customizing Labels, Messages, and URLs article.



    Thanks for your response Henry.

    I am checking out your links now, but something came to mind. The issue I have is that this link sends customers to a WordPress login area, that looks exactly like the login screen for administrators (white screen with WordPress logo up top. I really don’t like that and would like the login page to look like the themes login page and I already have a login page that looks the way it should (which is why I am trying to which the link to direct to it).

    Maybe, is there a way to change the look of the login page?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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