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How do I enable registration?

  • I installed the buddy press plugin for WordPress and it told me my theme wasn’t compatible so I installed the BP compatibility that can come with the plugin when it detects your theme isn’t bp ready. Upon doing that it was like “these are your links to activities, members and forums along with registration which must be enabled. well mines not….How do I enable it?

    I don’t see a “enable registration” any where. and the link they gave me is obviously broken because of that.


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  • b1gft


    Make sure you have that members can join, go to Dash Board>settings>general settings, click on the box beside
    Membership Anyone can register

    I did that and now when I go to the registration page it takes me to my home page (thats where I have most of my 404 errors for dead links take me for now) I am not sure why…..



    I am experiencing the same scenario. Please help! Thank you.

    In ‘Network Admin’, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Settings’ and then the 3rd selection down (under Registration Settings) make sure you select the radio button ‘Both sites and user accounts can be registered’.

    You’ll then find the Registration login widget enabled in the sidebar of your site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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