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How to add sidebar widgets to my activity streams?

  • Chase8705


    I have placed a widget in the right sidebar and am trying to see if it will show up when a user logs into my site. I placed the widget in the Activities, Groups, and Members pages but when I log in as a “test” user there are no widgets. It just says “This is a widget area. Visit the Widget page in your WordPress control panel to add some content here”.

    Can anyone help?

    I highly appreciate it. Thanks.

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  • @mercime


    @chase8705 What theme are you using? Is your default Page layout with sidebar or not?

    BP generates content via your theme’s page.php file. So if your regular pages have widgets in sidebar, then those widgets and sidebar should show up in pages with BP components.



    @mercime I am using WP-Prosper Premium theme. My default page layout is with a sidebar wide on right and sidebar narrow on left. I usually like to use the Content, Sidebar Wide right layout most of the time. But no matter what when I put the widgets in place on the sidebar, and then make sure they are set for those pages, it still doesn’t show up.



    @mercime I just tried something. I am currently using the “Widget Logic Visual” plugin to keep my widgets set to the right pages. So when I assign my BuddyPress widgets to my “Activity, Groups, or Members” pages, it does not show up. But, when I don’t use the “Widget Logic Visual” plugin to assign them to their pages, it shows up. But, it ends up showing up on all of my pages even my home page. I don’t want it to be on all of the pages, just the three that I mentioned above. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can set these widgets to those pages and not my whole site?

    Thanks in advance.



    A solution to this problem will also help me understand the problem with my page lay-out. (Seems like I have to comment in order to subscribe to this thread.)




    Is this what you guys looking for?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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