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How to disable password creation?

  • bg


    Hi, I have installed the plugin, “New User Approve”, in which the plugin will automatically generate a new password and send to the new users I have approved. So now, I have a problem with buddypress normal registration because it requires that new users have to create a password before they can complete the registration process. So, when their accounts get approved then they will receive an another password from the plugin, New User Approve, to log in to the site, which is very confusing. So, is there any other ways I can remove or disable buddypress password creation during registration process? I had tried to remove the password creation codes in the registration file in buddypress default theme, but it didn’t work. It did remove the password section, but you can’t then complete the registration process?!

    My website is,

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  • bglclub


    I have been struggling with the exact same issue and the exact same plugin…which has worked wonderfully in keeping our riff raff, but the password problem is a real issue. I too would like to know the solution. P.S. I am disappointed and surprised that the BP community has been of no help in near 6 months since this post…little discouraging.



    @bglclub Please know that we are all volunteers here living in different time zones. What the OP and you have posted requires customization which involves a lot of time which many might not have in abundance.

    Know also that there would be instances where you might have to find the solution yourself OR where you have to hire a developer to customize BuddyPress and/or plugin to work together OR follow up and hope that some generous soul who has faced this issue and resolved it would share the information.



    I understand, I too am a volunteer. Doesn’t mean I can’t be discouraged when something has been troubling me and no answers are readily available. FYI, in addition paid thousands in development and have resolved many of my own problems, but that wasn’t what I was talking about. I was referring to the fact that after 5 months there was no comments to this question, at least until now. However, although not helpful, you sure replied to my comment quickly. Thanks for volunteering.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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