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How to get buddypress working with my theme – 13th Floor

  • I really like my theme, but BP pages go all off the side and screw up my sidebar. I read how to get it working in my theme and changing HTML structure of certain .php files. But i am REALLY confused as to what to do.

    Can someone please explain what exactly i do? And the easiest way to do it.


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  • @ChrisClayton


    @doctorwhobbc without knowing what exact theme your using, all we can suggest is to follow the steps written on the codex.

    I am up to step three in that article but like i said i dont actually know what to do. If i post my page.php or something could you or someone give an a example of what needs to be done so i can repeat the process for each file?

    The theme i am using is 13floor by elegant themes (




    Open up 13floor header.php, copy code and post to, click submit button and post the generated URL here. Do the same for your index.php, page.php, single.php and sidebar.php.

    Hi @mercime, i have done as you requested and have put the links below. However the index.php file seemed to be a buddypress file (i dont think my theme uses it).


    Thank you so much



    >> However the index.php file seemed to be a buddypress file
    It is the BP Blogs Directory template file. How did it get at the root of your 13th floor theme? I suggest that you get another copy of your 13thfloor theme, and double-check the index.php file which I’m pretty sure won’t be the BP file and re-upload to your theme file in server.

    This leads to — could you just make sure first that you have 6 BP template folders – activity, blogs, forums, groups, members, register – transferred into your 13thflor theme folder in server? Check the /blogs/ folder and make sure there’s at least an index.php file there. Have to make sure everything’s in order before we proceed.

    @mercime I reinstalled the theme. I updated the pastebin file to have the proper index.php

    Heres the link:

    I checked with cpanel file manager and all 6 folders are there, and there is an index.php in the /blogs/ folder.




    Open up you 13thfloor theme’s header.php and Save As > header-buddypress.php in the same theme folder. Open up header-buddypress.php and at the very bottom of the file, below other code, add:

    Save and upload to theme folder in server in same level as header.php file

    Open up your theme’s sidebar.php and Save As > sidebar-buddypress.php. Open up sidebar-buddypress.php and at the very top of the file, above other code, add:

    Save and upload to theme folder in server in same level as sidebar.php file

    You have to add the following to your 13thfloor’s stylesheet:
    `#content div.padder {
    float: left;
    width: 560px;
    the above will take the place of #content-area which is not available in BP template files.

    Furthermore, you might want to modify the styles included in BP Template Pack, check out the mods used in this page

    @mercime It all works and is now inside the page. However i have black lines on either side of the page area. I have two images to demonstrate what i mean. The first image is just a random page from my website where everything is displayed correctly. The second image is a BP page and i have used red circles to show the areas in question.

    Image 1:
    Image 2:




    I have no idea just looking at the images. Site url? If not, you could ask the theme developer to look over the information above and give the correct template structure.

    Doc how did you get on with 13th floor and buddy press? I’m struggling my ass off. Can you help me plz?



    @tank2012 did you install and activate BP Template Pack plugin first to make your theme compatible with BuddyPress, then go through Appearance > BP Compatibility to finish?

    Did you follow the instructions above?

    If you already did so, post site URI so we could see what’s not working with your theme and BP template files.

    Thank you for your reply mercime. I got it installed and everything fits and looks fine. I am having some issues though.

    I’m trying to set-up my buddypress side of things and community like . It seems they have a normal site and then they run buddy press in it. Is that correct?

    At first I only wanted a forum plugin and that’s how I found buddy press. I did want to develop a community eventually – buddypress looked like the king and so I installed it !

    How do my members register and how do I set this up? Do i need more plug-ins Buddypress or have I over looked something? Ideally I would like a side login section just like tasty kitchen.

    Also how do I start forum topics?

    I want users to be able to join as members for free post and interact in forums and have their own unique profiles like tastekitchen in a controlled environment.

    Please help I’ve looked for tutorials and tut vids but I’ve yet to find a decent one.

    Also is there other plugins that you could recommend that I might need to help me run it like tasty kitchen.


    @tank2012 these questions are a little general, have you read through the BP codex ? Read through the beginners guides first as they will answer some questions.

    Basic things like starting forum topics, registering really require having a little play around with the install before you let lose live. Registering is a WP function and initially you need to enable it in the WP general settings then the BP page will work at /register/ or whatever you titled the empty page.

    Forums have to be enabled in the BP settings and then you can add them to groups or run as a sitewide one – again have a play around first to see how these things work then post back in a new thread if you have specific issues and problems.

    Lastly bear in mind that TastyKitchen woulld have taken a while to get to the stage you see so be prepared for a little work getting there.

    Hey Hugo,
    thanks for your quick response.

    I’m all for a bit of hard work just trying to get a handle on it. This is my 3rd site and 1st time with buddy press. For personal trainer with no tech background I think I’m doing pretty well.

    Looking into getting started codex now.

    I’ve had a play with register settings in wp and believe I’ve set it up but when I go to registry ( would like to have it as side bar) page it goes to my homepage. So confused on that one.

    Just trying to get handle on one end and then work through. Can’t wait till I’ve mastered buddypress. I think it’s awesome just gotto learn how to drive it properly.

    Is there other plugins that you could advise on that you think could be useful for my exercise meets tastykitchen site?

    Many thanks.

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