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How to make BuddyPress pages full width

  • Chris


    I used the BP Compatibility plugin to make my current theme buddypress friendly and it worked great but I am trying to figure out how to make all BuddyPress pages (groups, forums, member etc) Full Width without any sidebar. Right now, the content overlaps, for example – In Forums, the “New Topic” button overlaps with the “Search” button and search bar.

    I have edited files such as forums/index.php and groups/index.php to remove the get_sidebar function and also changed

    to full-width and full-padder but have had no luck with the content going full width. The sidebar is gone, but the content doesn’t go full width.

    I’m guessing I need to change the width in the css somewhere?? But i’m not having any luck.

    Any help would be awesome, Thanks!

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  • Chris


    Here is an image of what the forums page looks like… it’s ugly.

    the colors are off too, but i’m going at this one step at a time.

    Thanks again!



    It’s really difficult to diagnose what could be the problem without knowing the theme, or having a website link, or knowing what plugins, or edits to functions.php, etc, you might be using.

    I would recommend using Internet explorer developer tools (press f12), Google Chrome (press f12) or firefox’s firebug add-on (press f12 after installing), or similar for other browsers, to try to identify which css rule(s) etc is/are responsible and to experiment with fixes….



    Before answering the full-width question, how did you approach Step 3 of the BP compatibility process, i.e. HTML structure? Two different methods (change 16 files OR the header-buddypress.php, etc methods) in the compatibility process == different methods to resolve issue and get full-width HTML structure afterwards.



    Sorry I took so long to reply. What I did was I made a child theme and then added a header-buddypress.php and sidebar-buddypress.php file to the child theme. I followed this tutorial,

    But I’m still having problems. Here is a link to the site with the child theme running –

    Also, making the child theme, I lost a lot of the styling of fonts and what not.

    Thanks again for the help. Also, If you want to see the original theme, not the child theme let me know and i’ll enable it.




    Seriously – if the Buddy Press community would organize the forums and HOW to then a lot of these Q&A would be answered by folks reading.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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