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How to password protect registration page or require a passphrase?

  • aaron.walker


    WordPress Version: 3.8
    BuddyPress Version: 1.9

    The title explains the just of it but I will try to explain in further detail. Essentially, I want a secure registration that does not require inviting people. The key idea is to give them a password to either access the registration page or require them to provide a static passphrase for them to submit the form.

    Password Protect. I have tried changing the “Register” page to password protected but that does not work because the way BuddyPress is coded, the page is no longer an actual post. I found this out when by using “print_r($post)” in the “Register” page.

    Passphrase. I have tried adding a passphrase text field however I cannot find the .php file that handles the registration information. In addition, I would dislike editing the actual BuddyPress plugin if I do find it and cannot be replaced by a theme.

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