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How to set xprofile date field

  • koendb


    I want my users to set a date when they register through my custom register page. I can set other Buddypress information with xprofile_set_field_data, but can’t find the right format to set a date.

    In Buddypress I selected ‘Date Selector’ as field type.
    In phpmyadmin I can see that the type for this field is ‘datebox’.
    Tried to look into the xprofile_set_field_data function, tried all sorts of formats, but no luck so far.

    edit: It’s perfectly clear how to ask users to pick a date and how to change that date into a certain format, just need to know which format Buddypress accepts 😉

    Thank you for your time.

    BP 2.0.1
    WP 3.9.1

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