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How to stop Spam Users from registering

  • Carr Sky


    I am getting tons of spammers registering on my site via buddypress plugin. but i dont want to take the option away of registering because i want people to register. Is there a way to prevent this? any ideas help

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  • djsteveb


    You should of searched the forum for many answers to this already posted.

    There are a lot of options and solutions with this… for me, I use the plugin “buddypress humanity” on one of my sites, and a different / similar plugin “good question” on another site.

    Change the default questions and answers… this stops most of the auto-bot spammers.. a few manual people may get through, but it cut does spam signups on my site by 99%.

    One of my sites I disable “group creation” for all users, as that seems to be a target for many of them.

    I also use another plugin with my bp+wp / multi-site … which sets “blog defaults” so that any user who creates a new blog has settings automatically enabled that “block this site from search engine indexing” – if someone signs up and creates a site and adds original content, I will go in an manually change that setting.. most people who “create a site (blog on multi-site) – don’t use them, or are spammers – so I don’t need them sucking away page rank juice or clogging up the activity stream with BS.

    random thoughts from another BP user…



    I’ve seen a few places mention this plugin:

    (not actually used any myself as site isn’t live yet)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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