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Howto extend the "Profile Field" dropdown for large options entries

  • pivey


    I need to have 5 custom dropdowns each with more than 150 entries.

    So.. this would make a 700-800 manually entered fields one by one….. and lots of Coca Cola :-)

    Besides the solution to dump these option values directly into the DB, is there a solution adding huge amount of values at once like comma seperated etc…?

    Maybe extending the function?

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  • r-a-y


    BuddyPress pre-1.1 had an option to do this via .CSV.

    But, it appears that option was removed in the latest versions of BP.

    Keep an eye on this ticket:

    to see what happens.



    hmm… to bad.

    A question about where a user comes from -means more than 50 options- is very common in sn. Don’t understand why the ability to quick insert lot of data has been dropped.



    Hmm… the idea of writing option directly into db is not as easy as i thought.

    Please help me out here.

    I need to insert more than 700 options one by one



    Hmm… i thought i subscribe to the forum in order to get help.

    No developer here to help?

    How can a application be written to ignore such a important function?

    First time i see this and first time no one cares about

    Well, of course this makes me not happy.

    Jeff Sayre


    This is a free, open source project primarily powered by volunteers’ efforts. So don’t expect to get instant results.

    As r-a-y has stated, there used to be several pre-built fields and site developers also had the option to create their own pre-built fields by importing their list via a .cvs file. But, as Andy states in this thread, that feature is no longer available:

    So, you either have to code a solution yourself or hire a developer to do it.

    By the way, up until two-weeks ago, there was only one official BuddyPress developer. Now there are two. The rest of us are unpaid volunteers–some of us with coding experience, some of us with design experience, and some of us just interested in running social networking sites.

    You can ask for additonal insights on the #buddypress-dev IRC channel. But even there, it is simply a group of developers with their own projects and responsibilities. Only Andy and jjj are the official voices of BuddyPress development.



    I understand the volunteers thing…

    but non coders like to have a “possible” “no possible” statement from the developers.

    3 days on hold gives the impression that users are left alone.

    I apologize for my expectation in a quick reply, i did not mean to disturb

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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