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I need to design the Register Page (not the Profile Fields)

  • Raindropcatcher


    Hey guys,

    I design my websites with the Plugin ‘Live Composer’, which is pretty brilliant for somebody who knows comparably little about coding.

    Everything seems to work just fine so far, except for one thing:

    In order to create a page from scratch, Live Composer offers a blank theme to build on.
    To build the design, I need to be able to enter the pages. However, since I’m already signed in as the admin, Buddypress doesn’t show me the Register Page. Without being logged in, I can’t edit the Register Page. You see my problem…

    I’m now stuck with a super ugly Register Page.

    Do you guys have any idea how I could use the Live Composer plugin on this page after all? Maybe a way, to show the register page to the admin? I’m happy about any solution…

    I’ve looked for a solution for hours now and couldn’t find anything…

    Thanks so much!

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