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I would like to know what Andy or JJJ and the community thinks about Kaltura

  • Sven Lehnert


    I’m relay interested in the Kaltura plugin.

    Is it a real solution for Buddypress?

    I think Buddypress need exactly something like this. Not just a Picture Album.

    It needs to have a Media Gallery for all sorts of media.

    Is it a future proved plugin for Buddypress?

    Are there plans to do something similar in the nearest future from the Buddypress core team?

    I’m afraid of the problem, to get all the kaltura media in the core media gallery one day.

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  • gpo1


    The original plan for Kaltura plugin was a solution for media back then and maybe now.

    As for the buddypress core team. Andy said when ready an album plugin will be made.

    Therefore, I’ve been working to get a good solution for a media plugin and this new developer team has got the job done !

    More media solutions the better choice for all !



    I like the plugin, but until I hear that I can theme the video player, I won’t be using it. Don’t want someone else’s logo on my website.

    (Offcourse I understand everybody wants credits for its creation, so wouldnt mind putting a link on the about me page or something like that.)



    @Xevo, maybe there could be a paid logo free solution !



    Yeah, that’d be a great solution.

    Though, I’d still like to be able to theme the rest of the player as well. Since black doesnt go well with my current light/blue theme.

    Jeff Sayre


    Some form of media manager/gallery is a future BuddyPress feature. Until that is made available, you will have to look to 3rd-party solutions.

    Just be aware of the issue of licensing when using Kaltura. Although is self-described as open source video, and in fact its component code is licensed under GPL3, when you use the hosted solution–that is you are not storing your users’ media on your own server but instead on a Kaltura Media Network server–then all of your users’ content is automatically made available under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. See this Kaltura forum thread:

    What does this mean? Well, it means you better clearly state to all your members that anything they upload via your site will automatically get licensed under CC 3.0. This means it will be freely available to anyone else to see and to use as they see fit within the CC licensing specifications.

    That may not seem like a big deal to you if you are a fan of CC, but you should not assume that all your members will think the same way or necessarily want their content to be made available for free use.

    Thankfully, there is a solution. If your using the self-hosted version of–Kaltura Community Edition (CE)–then you can set the licensing rights for all member-submitted content. This means you can effectively control the privacy of your members’ content if that is important to you, your site, and your members.

    If you choose to use Kaltura CE for your site, then you will need to make sure that you have sufficient storage and bandwidth to meet the needs of your site. Also, I have no idea of what kind of tech support Kaltura offers users of the CE version.

    Finally, Kaltura is a for-profit company who is freely offering an open source media hosting solution via their site. They do offer premium services as well. So, if you have the budget, you can purchase a premium account to make all your users’ content private. At least that is what was indicated in the thread response in the first link above. You can visit for more information.

    Note: look at the footer on the above Kaltura link to see how they handle the CC issue. I would argue that you would also want to make the CC issue very clear in any TOS and actually right under any media “Upload” link.



    Well, personally I’d use VideoPress if I wanted to host my own videos/images. If I didn’t want to do that I’d probably write a YouTube/Vimeo/Flickr plugin.

    Not a big fan of Kaltura. I tried it when I was toying with the idea of using Elgg, but back then it was clunky and unintuitive. Might have changed, though. That was about a year ago…

    John James Jacoby


    My unofficial opinion (which is subject to change at any point) is that it’s a great idea if you and your audience are okay with you not hosting that data on your server.

    I’m selfish, so I like to have control over everything so I can take responsibility for it if I break it. I also like to be able to dive right in and fix a problem if something happens instead of making a telephone call or sending an email.

    At the end of the day BuddyPress will have its own media management eventually, and BP developers can choose to use the built in one, or something like Kaltura. It’s the same as outsourcing your comments or forums to another service. If you trust the provider and it does what you need, then there’s no reason not to use it.



    I think relying on a 3rd party service is a bad idea. I also think re-inventing the wheel is a bad idea. Media manager is a huge project. We need to find an existing open source media manager framework or library of some kind and adapt it to BP.

    Sven Lehnert


    Thanks allot @ all,

    It helps me to make my decision.

    I will wait until the end of the day

    For a moment it looks like a tasty meal.

    And I want to eat it without thinking.

    I’m so hungry of a Media Gallery for buddypress :-)

    tomorrow will be big :-)



    I’ve tried to determine what Kaltura plugin can do for me and I can’t at this point.

    I have some videos which are user-submitted and I don’t have the storage/bandwith to support this long term unless I have some expiration on videos. I have some videos that are on Youtube which will drive some traffic back to the site.

    I’m trying to answer two questions:

    1. Can Kaltura plugin handle self-storage, Kaltura storage and serving Youtube/Vimeo through the same player

    2. What is the pricing beyond 10GB free account



    I would rather have full control over the data, and not have a third party site involved at all. I will instead wait patiently for Manoj’s plug-in to be updated.

    However, as of now, I can’t even use it, as upon activation and going to the Album link, it gives me a 404 error and tells me to put a widget in the column :-/ It was working before I reinstalled MU/BP, so no idea why it’s not anymore.



    You guys should check out my plugin BuddyPress Links. The newest version 0.2-RC1 supports embedding of YouTube, Flickr, and metacafe videos, with more sites to be added soon.

    It is not styled like a gallery, but this is very possible with theming.

    Originally I wanted to create a media library plugin, but I quickly realized that mash-ups are the future. Hosting your own media library is like trying to re-invent the wheel. There is so much that goes into streaming video, its mind boggling. YouTube and Flickr already dominate the Internet as far as rich media goes. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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