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Idea for school social network

  • MatejR


    Good day to you all.
    I hope this is the correct forum to ask if you have an idea and how this could be done.

    I would love to make a social network for our university, since i’m viewing it from a student perspective and would like to make it bather.

    So here is the idea of the social network.

    Basic Idea

    The webpage should represent the;
    • University: What classes it provides, it’s laboratories, activities, Schedules for the classes, basic information and contacts, add new student jobs at the laboratories or other projects, add new teacher jobs, make donation pledges at the existing partners, add partners.
    • Teachers: Create new classes, projects, groups of interests (connect to the similar projects), presentations, change schedule of classes, give points for projects done, connect to the partner organizations (businesses) that want to sponsor the labs.
    • Students: Create profile, follow a class, create subgroups under the labs or classes for additional help to other students or participants in that group, get feedback from a class for further validation for university, add students groups and projects, connect student projects.
    • University admin: Edit the university profile (aka template), allow or delete projects, add new student or teacher (for further cases if more universities would join).
    • Web page admin: monitor the whole process, able to add new universities.
    • Partner organization: see the development of the laboratory or class and can make donations.

    Common webpage tools

    The webpage should have a home page on which you can log in.
    Based on the login you can first create a profile, if you already have a profile it should automatically “drive” you to your profile, from where you can depending of your status (teacher, student, …), choose what you want to add.
    Support forum based on the login you have access to the groups.
    Add skype or similar tool for each user.
    Add classic chats to groups and profiles.
    Each user should receive its own e-mail address.
    In each group it should be able to add a comment or a document.
    Each group could have a sub group (Medicine = main group, side effects = sub group of the Medicine). The sub group should be able to be password protected not only by university admin, but by the participants of that group itself. Also if possible to be able to hide it from the sub group menu.
    Each profile + group = able to add text, movies, links, photos (possibly by choosing it’s template).

    Profile options:

    University: accept or deny new classes, class schedules, laboratories and add them on the calendar, add new teachers or students, once the students finished the studies it can move them to a club where they can see all the classes and lab projects but can’t add new things in it, except comment or support it.
    Teachers: Create new classes or Laboratories, add students to the classes or laboratories, evaluate students work and give him credits, connect to similar groups and search for them based on the group or laboratory entry words (group name + what kind of class is it aka. Mathematics, Coding ect.). Check plans for the classes they have and change if needed. Have access to the businesses that might be interesting for them via sponsor data base, add students to groups and laboratories.
    Students: Create new student group, search for students with similar needs and experience for working together on projects, give an evaluation of a class after they finished the class.
    University admin: Allow to give passwords on some groups and change them, and all mentioned up.
    Web page admin: See all the information
    Business profile: Add company information and interests (for teachers, students and universities to see, follow a project, donate to a laboratory), add student jobs.

    I won’t ask much more, but the project in my mind, how would you make it? And what would you choose.

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  • @mercime


    @matejr That’s a tall order. Setting up what you envision would require custom plugins and modifications beyond the scope of these forums. Having said that, you might want to read the following posts which show some solutions used to get a better understanding of the scope of the project you want to take on.



    I think I understand what you’re trying to do, as I want to do the same for our school. I just posted a request for help on this (had not come across this thread).

    I’d like to make it so that students from one course or group could socialize exclusive of other groups at the school We have grades 6-12, as well as adult courses, and for protection and like-mindedness (maturity levels) I’d like to allow students to engage only with students in their own group. That way, adults won’t be in a Middle School group, and young children in a High School or Adult group.

    How can this be done?

    I have an LMS set up to organize students per courses/grade levels.

    Using current versions of WP (3.7.1) and BuddyPress (1.8.1).

    Thanks for your help! Seems like there’s plenty of interest in this.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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