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image beside username by user role

  • Wasim alhajebi


    i need to make any thing beside user namy by user role
    for ex:
    if is admin named : Samy
    Boss Samy
    or if editor
    editor samy
    or any thing else ,
    i just want to make action or filter or any thing u can help me with ?

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  • mrjarbenne


    You could do it manually with something like this: I’m not savvy enough to suggest how something like this could be built, but you might find that this is a good starting point.

    Wasim alhajebi


    thanks alot, but it doesn’t work with my theme , i just wanna to make it with whole website even comments , not only xprofile , i’ve done that befor , but what i meant and what i need is do it for whole website



    You will need to make a function that finds the role for the displayed user.
    You will want to use a BuddyPress function in the ID paramenter instead of the wordpress functions shown in that codex article (see BP codex).

    Havn’t looked into it fully for what your trying to do, but you will proburbly want to filter ‘bp_core_get_username’ and echo the function we made above.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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