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Index page modification????

  • Greetings everyone,

    Please give me some slack if this is a stupid question. I recently installed WPMU here and all was well with my ability to modify the site. I got the brainy idea to offer the target market a social network hence BP install.

    Its as if my WPMU install no longer exists. I know that might seem extreme but that is what it feels like. I had plans to use XX plugins on my MU install but I am totally confused on how this integrates with BP since BP requires a special theme. It seems to me that I need to choose to have a BP site or a WPMU site without BP, in other words, it is all or nothing??

    I cannot figure out how to change the index page like I could in a normal WP install. I have looked around and cannot find basic tutorial or documentation that explains this.

    Question: Can someone send me a link for these docs and perhaps a doc or link on the typical use of BP.

    Question: Would it be better for me to install WPMU in one directory which would then allow MU to perform as intended and BP in another directory?

    Question: While BP is called a social network, I only really see a forum. Is there something else I am missing?

    I kind of get it potential but I do not fully understand how to exploit this plugins ability.

    Thank you for your help

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  • @mercime


    Tutorial for creating BuddyPress Child Theme –

    Use Google for more info re creating WordPress Child Themes

    BuddyPress Codex –

    BuddyPress Components/Features –

    Examples of BuddyPress sites and usage –

    Please if anyone has an answer to these question I would appreciate it. I currently am being pushed towards Ning by my partners but I really want to stay with BP




    1. A buddypress theme isn’t so different from a standard wordpress theme, it just has a few extras.

    2. Not sure what you mean by this, you have to install bp on wpmu, you can’t install them seperately. Bp is a plugin for wpmu.

    3. Once installed bp correctly on wpmu or just wp, you get profiles, activities, groups etc.

    Do you really understand what wpmu is? Basically its standard wordpress, but allows you or your users to make multiple blogs on one wordpress install. Buddypress allows you to turn your main blog into a social community, by adding profile and frieding options and the earlier named options.



    This might help you making sense of what’s possible with plugins and BP/WP/WPMU

    Mike Pratt


    @thetico Just tell your partners that Ning is to platforms like the Model T was to cars….You can have any color you like, as long as it’s black



    @thetico: Ning vs. WPMU/BP

    In addition to what Mike Pratt said, while NIng may look good out of the box, the question is do you want total ownership and stewardship of your community? If you do, WPMU/BP is the way to go. If you go with Ning, you are subject to terms and conditions set forth by Ning which could change at any time … just as many are subject to TOS of Facebook,, etc.

    – With Ning, you as a Ning community owner have no way of backing up all the data and uploads your members contributed. Though I’m sure Ning would have backups of all your information – but you don’t.

    – With WPMU/BP you can export and backup data via XML exports, cron database backups and backups of server files and folders. When anything happens like your server crashing, you have all the backups you need to restart anew by importing your backups within an hour or less.

    Another question is, do you or your staff have the technical ability to implement WPMU/BP community and/or do you have the time to do so?

    – Ning will perform out of the box, they have many paid staff to handle the administrative, technical, and logistical aspects of the Ning installations.

    – WPMU/BP install will need a big measure of TLC from at least one Site/Super Admin who has the expertise and experience to implement the project.



    I think people get confused and think BP is a normal plugin that you activate and its pretty much the same site as before. Thats not the case. If you turn on BP then you pretty much are creating a new type of site.

    In 1.2 changing the from page is easy.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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