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Install failure with large user base

  • emeraldryan


    I have been trying to install BuddyPress on a WordPress (with bbPress) website with over 25,000 users but the install keeps failing and crashing the WP-Admin area with PHP memory limit errors.

    WP-Engine have told me that the install fails due to the number of users and they are unable to increase the resource limits temporarily to assist me.

    Does anyone have advice on installing BuddyPress with such a large user base?

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  • Well WP-Engine are a specialist WP hosting company, they’ve given you the reason  but surprisingly not a solution? but given what they have said it would suggest this is for you to work out with them, not a huge amount we can do to help!



    What hnla said. You’d probably need to upgrade or find another hosting company which could provide solutions.



    @hnla This was my advice from WP-Engine:

    After extensive testing on the staging site to determine what is causing the errors when activating BuddyPress, I was able to rule out a conflict with all other plugins (including our own) as well as conflict with your theme.

    The problem is that your site has almost 38,000 users. I was able to prove this by deleting all users except the “admin” and “wpengine” user from the staging site. Then, I installed and attempted to activate BuddyPress. This time it activated with no error in less than 10 seconds.

    I recommend removing users from your WordPress site if possible. If not, then you should contact BuddyPress support to determine how to activate BuddyPress with so many users.

    @mercime I’m reluctant to move host (unless I find another host that can guarantee a solution) as WP-Engine are normally quite good and I recommend them to most of my clients. Their advice was to come here for support on this particular issue.

    @emeraldryan Their advice was wrong, why come here, what are we to suggest? You have a huge user base they are saying their server config can’t handle the processes being spawned /run   or timing out trying to load those members, this is a server issue, and even if it’s a case that BP may not be well written in terms of caching member objects that for the moment is how it works.


    Are these all genuine members as it is a surprisingly large number, few independent social sites do truly ever get anywhere near those sorts of numbers.



    @hnla I suspected that this was probably a WP-Engine issue and that there wouldn’t be much you guys could do. I came here out of hope rather than expectation in case someone on here had experienced a similar issue and had some tips or advice.

    With regards to the number of users there are a large number of fake/spam user accounts (I estimate 10,000+) that were registered on older versions of WordPress/bbPress before we upgraded and switched to CloudFlare and WP-Engine which has reduced spam considerably. We have also gradually been deleting obvious fakes but as you can appreciate this is a laborious task.

    WP-Engine have refused to temporarily increase the resource limits to see if that enables the BuddyPress installation to complete. At this point I think I’ll try downloading a copy of the site and see if I can run the BuddyPress install on a local LAMP/WAMP setup and allocate 1GB+ to PHP memory.

    Ben Hansen


    might also want to consider cleaning out your member list with wangguard or the unconfirmed plugin



    you could also use this plugin before exporting your DB:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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