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Intranet – Choose from current users of site for Users Manager

  • beckyH



    I have buddypress installed and I’m using for a company Intranet.

    To create additional fields that I need, I have installed Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type and it works rather well.

    The problem is now is that I want to store the users manager in one of the profile fields. I do not want to create a manual list to do this where I name all the users. This would just be a maintenance nightmare. I want to select a manager from a list that dynamically populates with the current list of users.

    Any ideas on how I can do this?

    In regards to coding i get the jist of it but I’m really not a coder so if that’s the answer the please be kind and simplify it for me!

    Of course, the ultimate solution would be to use conditional logic on existing fields to determine the current manager. That way if a manager of a team changes over all user profiles are kept up-to-date with little maintenance, but I’m not sure if anyone would have the answer to this one?!

    Thank you

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