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Introducing JobBoardr

  • Boris


    Hello everybody,

    For the last few months I have worked at a jobboard plugin for BP. I have now put up a test site at

    These are the features so far:
    * Groups are turned into employers and members into potential employees
    * Members can create their own CVs
    * CVs can be downloaded as PDF
    * CVs conform to the hResume micro-format
    * Every group can have it’s own jobboard
    * Directory page with all available jobs
    * Job overview pages for members and groups
    * An optional API for external requests
    * RSS feeds for group specific jobs and global jobs
    * Basic privacy controls for CVs

    Future features might include this:
    * A custom made theme
    * Various widgets
    * Twitter/FB/ integration
    * More privacy controls

    I am working at the moment on integrating PayPal IPN, which should be ready in a day or two.

    Give it a whirl, create some groups and jobs, apply to some jobs and let me know what’s good or bad. There will still be some bugs, though, so not everything might be working as expected. It’s still in beta at the moment.
    A lot of hours have already gone into developing this plugin, so note that there’ll be a price tag attached to the plugin. Likely to be around 100 Euros.


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Viewing 11 replies - 26 through 36 (of 36 total)
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