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Is growing memory a progress ?

  • danbpfr


    I had some trouble with a wp install wich give some fatal errors due to excessed memory_limit. I searched and read a lot. Write some tickets, asked on forums. I have no solution, only a opinion for the moment. Here is what i want to share.

    From 1.0 to 1.5 wpmu was working with PHP CGI

    Since 1.5.1 it use PHP as module, given as faster (3 – 5x)

    This is one of the main reason why wpmu cannot be used, in 99% of case, on a shared host, because the php memory allowed to each user is rarely over 8 or 12M. On good performing shared host you can find 16 or 20M. Rarely more.

    Actually a single WP with only BP activated cannot support gettext with 20M memory_limit.

    With 25Mo, such a install is consuming 92% of memory ressource.

    My tests on a shared host

    * PHP Version : 5.2.12 / 32Bit OS

    * Memory limit : 25 MByte

    WP single alone, no plugins

    * Memory usage : 14.64 MByte – 59%

    WP single + BP

    * Memory usage : 23.08 MByte – 92%

    3 or 4 plugins more and i’m over the hill. And i didn’t test with a active forum.

    On some shared host, you can find PHP with CGI. It is lower for the end user but more secure for the server. That’s why you find sometimes With such kind of offers access to the php.ini where you can set – more or less freely – the php memory_limit. Saying you have 16 by default and you need more. So you choose 64 and done. The only thing it’s shared memory ! This means that you can have 64 at 1:00 am, but only 32 or 8 at 3:00 pm, during high affluence hours. In both case, the two methods are not constant on shared hosts. One is already fast but can lack, the other is lame and can lack too.

    So you’re software dependant. Actually 64M with WPMU and 32M with WP. And the only best solution to adopt is a dedicated server, and a handfull of good prayers and incantations that nothing goes wrong with Apache, because on dedi’s, problem are for yourself, yes, you alone, they aren’t shared and solved by others…

    64M settings means also that each user on your site has this quantity allocated. Now count how much your server uses when you have 20 members at the same time on your site.

    Memory exhaustivity ? Sure !

    Energy overuse ? Probably !

    wpmu 1.5.1- may 2008 – memory_limit:32M

    wpmu 2.6 – july 2008 – memory_limit:32M

    wpmu 2.7 – january 2009 – memory_limit:32M

    wpmu 2.8.1 – june 2009 – memory_limit:32M

    wpmu 2.8.2 – july 2009 – memory_limit:64M

    WP 3.0 – summer 2010 – 128M ?

    Fast to read:

    about PHP module or CGI

    about script weight:

    about WP memory

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  • abcde666


    Just install opcode caching such as XCache or eAccelerator and your memory usage will plummet.

    It’s all here:



    A gold medal for Andy and Erich, even if your answer give’s me solutions but didn’t answer my question.

    The solution:

    I installed e-accelerator and some backend widgets “fatal errors” disappeared. Now i can continue to test other parts of my install.

    The question is already valuable: is memory extending a progress ?

    I have a wp, now i have a wp + a script accelerator. And tomorrow, would i have the same + a wind propulsed cache server with a individual solar energy drived monitor and some chinese hiphoped php scripts ?

    Is “all” the wp code really optimized at this time, so that the unique alternative for users

    is to add some outsourced accessories. Why not integrate this ?

    Or why not explain this in the readme, at the beginning of a install ? I speak in the perspective of a newbie who discover WP. (not exactly my case presently).

    Thanks !

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