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Is moving Buddypress easier/possible??

  • Hi there,
    I run a Thesis based website, and have found integrating Buddy press a nightmare, each page needs CSS written from scratch (even after following the template pack plugin ), i keep finding new ‘ugly’ bits and am thinking it might be easier to just create a seperate MU blog with a buddypress friendly theme and move everything across.

    Firstly – is it possible to move the users, feed info, posts etc.. over to the new blog easily (I don’t have Buddypress set up to allow people to have their own blogs, but they can contribute to a specific section of the main blog forms plugin).

    Secondly – How do I do it?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Here is an example of ‘ugly’ page (i have hidden this link so it’s not accessible)

    Bump! Would love to get this sorted ASAP just need a wee bit of help, thanks




    @ddgdaily – on the Thesis theme, sorry, I don’t use it. I recall some Thesis users a while ago who mentioned getting info from Thesis support forums to get BP compatibility on using the BP Template Pack.

    Why not just backup database tables and server files then go maintenance mode for an hour to test BP in site? Use bp-default theme which has the regular WP template files but souped up for BuddyPress and see how it goes.

    Or, export XML from your site, and install WP with BP it locally in your computer to test it out.

    Andrea Rennick


    Last I heard on the Thesis camp was they were not interested in BP compatibility and were leaving it to their community members.

    And yeah – what mercime said – dump the tables out fo the db and into the second blog.

    tho if you’re using multsite, you do not need to do that. Just change what the default Buddypress blog is in wp-config.

    Set which blog ID BuddyPress will run on:
    `define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, $blog_id );`

    Andrea you are a life saver, that worked perfectly and only took 2 seconds to do! Thank you & Merry Christmas !

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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