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Is there a way to merge the wordpress admin and the buddypress one?

  • sdrib


    Is there a way to merge the WordPress admin and the Buddypress one in an elegant way?

    I mean has anyone ever tried bringing the WordPress back end pages like edit.php and all the post functionality together with the Buddypress “profile options” and messages etc?

    Now both are separated. Anyone has any experience with this or ideas about it? I’ve tried looking for a solution where i can integrate one in the other but i stumbled upon many problems.

    I can load my messages in a page in the admin, but the single message links, take me out of the wordpress admin, when they are clicked.

    The only solution working is making an identical header in both the front of the site and back linking to the different pages and styling them in the same way.

    Any thoughts?

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  • There isn’t any easy way of doing this. Such a thing would require a lot of work.



    Yes i figured. I don’t mind lots of work though.

    I have decided to merge all BP-admin options into the users into their wp-admin.

    All Hooks and menus are set.

    Now adding new pages and making new bp-functions. :)



    How about at least adding the admin bar dropdowns in the buddybar? It would be great to have some options, to simply check what would be included.

    For example with the current buddybar it is such a pain just to edit a post I am watching (myblogs -> correct blog -> wp-admin, wait to load, then click edit posts, find correct posts, then edit, while in the regular admin bar it is just ‘edit this’ :)

    Of course, it could work the other way around: add BP dropdowns in the regular admin bar would work as well.




    this is what I am looking for, absolutely need somethin like this.

    The WP-Dashboard is just too complicated for my users.

    Please let me know about the outcome……



    Same here I have been looking at doing a rewrite of the dashboard side for users, because not everyone is a seasoned wordpress user.

    Well… this doesn’t help… but really… as far as popular CMS tools go… the WordPress backend is about as easy and intuitive as it gets. I find most clients take to it pretty quickly and easily and end up loving it and using it a lot. Compare that to Joomla sites I’ve worked on where the clients end up abandoning the site because it take a computer science degree to wrap your head around it’s confusing interface and concepts. Again… I know that doesn’t really help you.

    Have you looked at limiting user roles and screen options to streamline the WP backend? I always set clients up with something less than full admin privileges and turn off a bunch of screen options they won’t need or understand.



    Yes it is confusing for users that you have to make a post to one place and to change your avatar to another.

    Well what we are doing now, is putting all buddypress ‘admin’ settings in the wp-admin and reorganized them…

    right now we have:






    (with submenus off course)

    Everything else is stripped out. I can imagine 100 of structuring this, but for this particular install, this is what we needed.

    We have very limited time.

    So what i did is used an existing “admin theme plugin” and changed it so the wp-admin matches the look and feel of our front end. (think eg. facebook ‘front and back’, or lastfm etc ).

    The most difficult part is getting the bp functionality such as messages completely work back end. Which atm we haven’t managed yet.

    That’s not a bad idea… just making an admin theme that looks more consistent with BuddyPress. Less jarring for newbies.



    I would prefer moving all admin for members out of wp-admin into the site, instead of trying to make wp-admin look more like the site. Keep wp-admin for admin only and put all member functionality in the site.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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