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Last 2 days to open and registration page load in 30 second!!

  • ongunjackal


    Hi to all, we created a website and everything is fine till before open website test with closer people.. all the same. after filled all and click to submit button and 30*40 second waiting…

    There is anybody knows why this is happen?

    And note: we dont use buddypress messages and groups. thats why we deleted messages and groups database tables also. it can make any issue? or something else?

    Just everything is work fine all website between 1-4 second running. but in registration form open page mininmum 4-5 second. submit form 30-40second. thats really strange and we have only 2 days. hope somebody can help quick!

    Waiting your feedbacks. Thanks…

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  • shanebp


    Not activating the Groups and Messages components should not create an issue.
    There is no need to delete those tables in the database – it does not help.

    Perhaps the issue is in your theme.
    Have you tried testing with a WP theme like 2015? To see if register is still slow?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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