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Little help to get user registration working properly for my idea

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    Derek Melo


    Hey Guys!

    I need some help with it.

    I purchased the BuddyPress user account type PRO plugin, so I can create different user types.

    So, I created a Multi-select box in the xprofile fields base called User Type and set 2 User Types, and associated the User Type Field to the Plugin, so in the User type field I created: User Type 1 and User Type 2.

    Type 1 can’t create new blogs
    Type 2 Can create new blogs

    Everything is working fine when the user does not select to create a new blog on the registration page, but the problem is, that when the user is registering, the blog creation fields still appears.

    What I need is this part to be shown just if the user chooses to be Type 2 in the registration page, if user chooses to be Type 1 the blog creation fields can’t beshown in registration page at all!

    I just want to condition the Blog Creation fields, if is type 1 not shows, if is type 2 shows, nothing else.

    How can I do that?



    PS: I’m not a PHP developer.

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    @derek-melo the best person to contact about this is the author of the premium plugin which we don’t have access to.

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