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Login and New Account Creation issues

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    Probably in over my head because I’m not a developer and know very little back end. Had a designer put my site into a buddypress enabled theme, and I’m close to launching, but am running into two issues with the buddypress section.

    First one is when I try to log in to buddypress (via firefox) I get an error notice that cookies need to be enabled in order to use wordpress (it appears above a “new” login form). I can fill in that form and it will log me in…but then instead of directing me to the buddypress forums, it sends me to the homepage.

    Second issue I’m having is that if a new user tries to sign up, he/she fills out the form with user name, email, password, confirm password and profile name. When you click on the “complete sign up” box, the “password” and “confirm password” boxes go empty and nothing else happens–no sign up.

    Any help would be appreciated. I just updated to the latest versions of everything and am not using other plug-ins that I know of. If anyone wants to contact me directly or look at the site to see the issue, please e-mail me at I’d be most appreciative.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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