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Login widget like in this website?

  • I tried using the the ajax enabled widget available in this very website, but it looks super crappy. What widget does this website use?
    I need the exact same widget.

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  • I am also looking for that widget – any success?

    Any luck? The only way I can find to allow users to log in is via the wordpress backend.. what is this website using as the login widget?



    I think its built into the sidebar in bp-default ( used it a while back ), have a look at sidebar.php. You can copy the code and add the login form to your own sidebar or anywhere else you would prefer..

    As nit3watch says it’s just the default sidebar login code, not sure why this is an issue, other than I guess you are all using custom themes arrived at via template-pack plugin or some other means.

    If you are using custom themes I suppose that you have to bear in mind that there will always be a certain amount of manual configuration to get things the way one wants or to replicate certain BP features?

    @nit3watch – Awesome, it worked, in the sidebar.php in the bp-default I copied the code from line 3 to line 74.. and pasted it into a sidebar widget utilizing the “Executable PHP widget” wordpress plugin, and it works like a charm!

    @hnla, yes you are correct… I am using a custom built theme and needed to incorporate buddypress so users can login/register via the front end and manage their profile via the frontend…. it is the only features I am using from buddypress because no other plugin I could find had similar functionality. It gets the job done though, and I like it :).

    I followed the steps in the template-pack plugin to get it working with my theme, it was pretty smooth and straightforward and I haven’t experienced the overlapping issues stated in the notices. so all is good.

    I knew there would be some customizations needed that have to be done manually, I just couldn’t find it in the documentation or via forum searches. I had no idea about the bp-default folder, but now that I do.. I am sure i will be able to solve some of my other problems :)




    @damainman It also worked for the way you explained it by copying parts of sidebar.php but the problem is that after logging in the users have to refresh the site (f5) in order be actually logged in. Which means that users think that they are not signed it and they’ll try in again.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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