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Looking for a Group Category Plugin with specific needs…

  • BlinkyBill01


    ( Please pardon as I listed the same post but I think in the wrong group :/ )


    Firstly, I’ve tried every available Group Category plugin and while they are good, they aren’t what I’m looking for.

    My needs are simple:

    1.) Need to have an Admin created set of “root” categories.
    2.) All group created HAVE to be created under those Admin set categories.
    3.) No groups, except for Admin created groups/categories, can list to the “root”.
    4.) The groups page must ONLY list the Admin created categories and no user created groups.
    5.) When a user clicks on the Admin created categories, they are then taken to a new page with a listing of all user created groups for that category. While they are on the page listing all of the user created groups, they then have the option to create a new group under that Admin created category.

    I really need something like this. While the Category Heirarchy plugin is a good start, it leaves too many options for the user to put their categories in the “root” as well as in other public user created groups.

    The reason I need a plugin like this is because I’m building a gaming website where people list their guilds by server (where each server will be created as an Admin created category.) I don’t want people to add their guilds to the wrong server, so having many options in the Heirarchy drop down might cause confusion especially when they’ve already added a guild group to the wrong server category. I also, as the Admin, don’t want to have to go in and manually move guild groups to the correct server category.

    Sadly, none of the category plugins are able to do what I’m looking for. I just need a way to create categories that guild groups can list their group in and view their groups on the server category page.

    Has anyone else experimented with this? As I see it, a plugin like this is a must for any community based on online gaming that showcases guilds.

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  • @mercime




    I’ve checked it out and it’s not really what I’m looking for. It only associated WP blog categories with a group. So if I added server “categories” to the blog categories, users would have the ability to associate their groups with any blog category.

    What I’m worried will happen is that someone will create a group meant for the “server” blog category and accidentally associate it with the “News” blog category. That would make more work for me to backtrack any groups put into the wrong category then put it into the correct category.

    I’ll fiddle around with this one a bit more but there doesn’t seem to be much admin control over what people have the ability to add groups to specific blog categories.

    Thanks though :)



    Yeah, as I’m testing the Blog Categories for groups plugin it’s only for blogs within groups and not for groups themselves. This doesn’t allow you to categorize the groups, just the blogs that fall within the groups.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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