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Looking for a tutorial plugin

  • Hi guys,
    i’m looking for a “tutorial plugin” since few days, but i can’t find something like these.

    what i’m looking exactly for:

    – allow members to post tutorials (with titile and text area)
    – a list of all tutorials (sorted by rating or most views maybe) on a seperate page

    Can somebody help me?

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  • bump

    what sort of help do you want?

    Your requirement is one of a developer nature – if there isn’t a plugin to do what you want and you haven’t the necessary PHP/HTML?WP skills to run this up yourself then You may be best of posting on the jobs board and hiring a developer – it’s essentially a simple CPT with some form of front end submission and will likely cost you in the region of $300 – $400.

    Why don’t you just let the people to post entries and tell them to add something like [TUTORIAL] at the beginning of the entry title and use a “tutorial” category? There are plugins to show posts with a certain category ID on a page (I’m using Posts to Page and works just perfect)



    @c0rp53 agree and right on point



    You dont’ need a plugin , use “custom post types” , it is very simple simple , google for it , you will find endless possibilities how to do it and you don’t need a plugin at all.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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