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Making a Networking site for Creatives

  • Pratik Bagaria


    Hi there,

    I was wanting to use BuddyPress as a networking site for all designers and artists…
    I am done with my basic installation and also will the SEO plugins and captcha….

    Now I want to get in details with Groups and Forums… Here are a few things which I would like to do with my Buddypress site…

    1. Restrict users from Creating Groups. Only Admin should be able to create Groups.
    2. Members can join Groups and Post in that Groups forum. If, not a member of the group.. posting in the Group forum with automatically make the user a member of that group.
    3. Ability of user to upload images while posting in particular Group Forum (for showcasing portfolio)

    Are these things possible?

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • techguy


    1. I think there’s a restrict group plugin. Try a search here: and you should find it.
    2. This is the default behavior for groups/forums
    3. The BP Album + plugin is working on this, but still not done. There’s another paid plugin out there that does this. Here’s a post I did on my blog lamenting the paid option versus the not quite ready open source option:

    Pratik Bagaria


    Thanks for replying….

    1. Yup I got this… Now the option on my site is… a users needs to be 30 days old to start a group.
    2. Yup, thanks for sharing…
    3. I guess I will have 2 wait some time. Your post was very interesting.

    Thanks again




    explore other network sites. Essential tutorials, tips and solutions for the … to go over the creative decisions I make doing extensive adjustments .




    I think it’s time you tried the latest BP Album+ beta… :)

    With regards to the concerns in your blog post, the reason the BP Album+ team appears to be making “slow” progress isn’t because we’re working on it part-time. Indeed, between our members in Canada, Italy, and our other contributors, the plugin is literally being coded 24 hours per day.

    It’s because we’re designing something that runs solidly and can do what people want it to do.

    Take for example group image galleries for forums. Sure, we could do a crappy job and have that added sometime in the next 8 hours. Like certain other developers. But if we’re adding that functionality, I think it needs to handle cases like:

    -Users that are members of the group, but cannot upload images.
    -Limiting number of photos a group member can upload based on role.
    -Hiding uploaded images until an administrator approves them
    -Sorting images within the group album by member that uploaded them
    -Handling images contributed to the group by members that are suspended / kicked out of the group / deleted from the site
    -Pushing group images to the latest images and latest group feeds, and then having them properly link back to the gallery.
    -Hooks for monetization options. Only the small version of image is uploaded to group album. Full version costs money.

    And so on.

    But you see, if you don’t plan this stuff ahead of time you can’t add a lot of those features in the future because you’ve jammed yourself into a corner. Because the permalinks to the images are in the activity streams and if you move the images you’ll break the links. We’ve spent a huge amount of effort building a plugin core that solves these problems.

    Anyways, go download the beta and post some feedback in the BP Album+ forum.





    explore other network sites. Essential tutorials, tips and solutions for the … to go over the creative decisions I make doing extensive adjustments .

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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