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Making a registration page like Facebook

  • Tandyman


    Hey so the title pretty much explains it. I want users to come to a registration page like Facebooks ( same design blah blah) when they first come to the site without being logged in. So an image in the background and a register and login tabs. If they are logged in they will go straight to the “activity”/”news feed” page. Also when they log out they go right back to the registration page.
    I tried using this
    But couldn’t seem to get it to work. Is there a plugin that can do this? If not what must I do to make this happen? Thanks

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  • @mercime


    But couldn’t seem to get it to work

    The tutorial by @pcwriter was pretty much spot-on. Could be a theme or plugin conflict or might be that you missed a step or two in the tutorial. Have you posted in said article by being specific as to precisely where you hit the roadblock/s in the tutorial?

    Is there a plugin that can I do this?

    @tandyman You could use the Members plugin by Justin Tadlock though you might have to configure the other customizations from pcwriter’s article.

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