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New Plugin: Mark your group forum posts as resolved !

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  • Renato Alves


    Thank you @chouf1, very useful! =)



    Merci @imath @chouf1. Vive la France !

    “Bonjour” @mercime thanks for your mention 🙂

    Vive BuddyPress !!



    @imath @chouf1 just reporting the buddy-bbPress-Support-Topic plugin is working as expected.



    @mercime glad to hear that !

    Is this for old bbPress, or new bbPress?


    old one, i will try to adapt it to new bbPress soon. But i was hesitating as i thought it already exists, no ?

    OOps and thank you @mercime for your help on this one and bp-avatar-suggestions 🙂




    good question: it’s for group forums only.

    This means perhaps “old” , i don’t know.
    But the plugin is working well with BP 1.6.3 group forums.

    If you have suggestions to improve it to work on bbPress, don’t hesitate.

    Now that the bbPress plugin can support forums for BP Groups, it’s always worth clarifying 🙂
    So you mean bbPress 1 (aka the “old” version, that’s bundled inside of BuddyPress).

    If someone writes a good plugin for the bbPress plugin (version 2+), that let moderators for a forum mark a particular thread as “resolved”, “not a support question”, and “not resolved”, I’m pretty sure we’d use it here on 😉



    i will try to adapt it to new bbPress soon. But i was hesitating as i thought it already exists

    @imath checking
    – I see bbPress update status but that’s automatic, not quite what some would want
    – There’s also the getshopped one, but it’s not been updated since WP 3.2.1 and looking through documentation it’s not quite what your plugin does quite so nicely.

    Thanks again for a cool plugin.

    Ok, then i’ll work on it 🙂

    I’ve been testing BP 1.7 with bbPress 2.2.3, 1 word : beautiful. Congrats to the dev team !!



    @imath I tried the link that @chouf1 posted and the site displays this:

    On dirait bien que vous avez été banni de ce site !

    Good evening @djpaul @mercime @chouf1

    Now i think this little plugin really rocks 🙂

    as it can play with bbPress 2.2.3 or BuddyPress 1.5 to 1.7 (group forums or bbPress ones)

    here’s 1.0-beta1 of “buddy-bbPress-Support-Topic”.

    Some info about this new release :

    • works in bbPress 2.2.3
    • in topics backend list, adds a column to tell if the topic is a support one
    • in topic backend edit screen, adds a selectbox to set the support status into the first right metabox
    • in forum topic list on front end adds a mention about the status of the topic for support topics
    • in forum topic single view, adds a select box to “ajaxset” the status of the support topic.

    You can also style the mentions with a button effect or simple color :

    //for example
    .topic-not-resolved {

    .topic-resolved {

    if you find any bug please let me know, i’ve tested it on these configs:

    • BuddyPress 1.7, bbPress 2.2.3
    • bbPress 2.2.3
    • BuddyPress 1.6.3 with “old” group forums




    wow, works like a charm !
    Tested it on the devsite (wp 3.5 & BP 1.6.3) with group forums and single bbPress forum.

    Unable to change the status on group forum post when bbPress plugin is activated.

    Does this mean that the plugin can actually only be used on one configuration: group forums OR bbPress forum ?

    Aside, a little js conflict with BP GTM System 1.9.6. 😀 (as expected….)

    When GTM is activated, i’m unable to change the status on the frontend of the site wide forum. Only possible from within admin.




    @imath posted issues in github. basically same as chouf1 above with the group forum when bbPress is activated and on bbPress sitewide forums. Getting there 🙂

    Hello @mercime and @chouf1

    The only config i haven’t tested was this one 🙁 I thought as in backend it is not recommanded to do so, then..

    So i’ll check this asap to see what’s going wrong when bbPress 1.2 is running for group forums and at the same time bbPress 2.2.3 is runnig sitewide forums.

    For what @chouf1 describes, it’s because the js is not enqueued as bbPress 2.2.3 is activated. So i need to strip a condition and check what’s happening on the different configs..

    For what @mercime describes in point B on github, i have no idea at the moment, but will find 😉

    Thanks a lot for your testing. I’ll be back soon with a new beta 😉

    i’m back !

    This time i think version 1.0-beta2 of the plugin can work on these configs without bugs !

    • BuddyPress 1.6.3 with group forums & sitewide forums powered by bbPress 1.2
    • BuddyPress 1.6.3 with group forums powered by bbPress 1.2 & site wide forums by bbPress 2.2.3
    • BuddyPress 1.7 with group forums & site wide forums powered by bbPress 2.2.3
    • bbPress 2.2.3 alone

    To test this new beta, make sure the root folder name of the plugin keep the same name.

    @mercime i added an image to show you where the select boxes are in bbPress 2.2.3 to my reply on github.

    Have you tested to change the support status from the backend admin of the topics (bbPress 2.2.3) ?

    the link to 1.0-beta2 of buddy bbPress Topic Support

    @chouf1 , this now should work like a charm 😉



    @imath thank you. will check this out tonight 🙂

    @mercime let me know if it works well to look at.



    Will do Paul. Posted an issue in github repo

    Hello @mercime thanks for your help on debugging this plugin, i really appreciate it.
    Just added 1.0-beta3 to fix it the notice error should disappear.
    “bonne soirée” 😉

    Hi @mercime , @chouf1 , @djpaul ,

    Thanks again for your help, just made a WordPress repo request. So the plugin will soon be available there.

    If you find any other bug meanwhile, please let me know 😉



    @imath Tested latest version and it’s good to go! Many thanks 🙂

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 34 total)
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