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Media Plugin for Buddypress

  • hughshields


    I am trying to find a good media plugin to replace Buddypress Media which was working great until it got discontinued. rtMedia is throwing up fatal errors. Easy Album does the same thing. And BP Album works but I have CSS issues that I’d rather not resolve.
    Can anyone recommend a good simple media plugin that works well with Buddypress? All I need is to have my buddypress members upload photos to add to their profile.
    Much obliged!

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  • Henry


    There was an alternative to BuddyPress Media (rtMedia) – I think it was called BP Media. I’m not sure if it is supported anymore or even in the WP plugin repository but it might be worth a try if you can get hold of it. That said, rtMedia is working very well for me on my test site. Will be putting it live in the next few weeks.



    I found rtMedia to be great when I was testing it. I know you mentioned it’s not working, but it’s honestly the most quality media plugin I’ve found for BuddyPress. I think if you’re having this many problems with plugins, you might want to see if it’s your theme that’s causing these errors. Otherwise if you find other plugins, those may not work as well.



    rtMedia is a huge, massive cluster of bugs. Awful. I have installed and uninstalled it at least 7 times in the last month, trying to give it just one more chance…. Every time I do, I discover a new bug.

    Give BuddyDev’s Gallery plugin a shot. It’s premium ($30 for a 3-month “club” membership), but it’s got actual (if spotty) support – and without the attitude you get from rtMedia’s developers.

    Also – and this is big for me – it includes the ability to embed media, rather than hosting. I really don’t want to be in the video hosting business at this point.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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