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Member directory adding in custom PHP

  • JesperG


    Hey im pretty new on buddypress. I want to add in a custom PHP document called map into my buddypress member directory site how should i do this?

    The map i’m adding in is a coded map of my country where you can press on each *state* and then the buddypress will make a search for only users in that state but i cant find were to add in my code in order for it to show in the member directory.

    I have tried sooo much now and cant figure it out so please if someone can help me it would be great

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  • @mercime




    Hey sorry @mercime But thats not what im after! What i done is a map that will do a member search for a custom field So basically when someone press a state of my country they will do a search to only show members from that state. But i need a way to add my map into the buddypress member directory.

    I tried several documents but cant find the one changing things in the member directory. I thought it would be members/index file but that one doesn’t work changing

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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