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Missing Activation code

  • 1) New user registers and gets a page saying:
    You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.

    2) Email comes through which says:
    Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account please click the following link:

    3) New user clicks link and gets a page:
    Please provide a valid activation key.
    Activation Key: [followed by a text box for input]

    Question: So where does the user get this activation code? It’s not in the email and clipping the key code passed in the PHP link [key=9298422670c7f2ada0afacb70832d3b2 in example above] doesn’t work either.

    Installation data:
    Both BP and WP are very latest stable versions and theme is a Genesis child Bee Crafty.

    I’m been at it for hours and I’m stumped :( – any help greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    Peter deP. 19:50h 19-Apr-2012

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  • I have exactly the same problem!

    Both BP and WP are very latest stable versions and theme is a default BP.

    Same problem here. No one is able to complete the registration process successfully.

    Using the last versions of both, WordPress and Buddypress.

    Geetar, can you share a copy of the email that a new user receives? Can you paste it onto, please?

    HiPaul, thanks for qur quick reply.

    Just one thing; since the whole website is in Spanish language i changed the slug and name of “activate” by “activar” .



    Hello there. Does anyone have the solution to this problem? I am experiencing the dame thing and do not know how to resolve it. The email that people receive is the same thing that Geeter posted into the
    Please help. This is holding us up at



    Hey there. I just figured out what was causing this. I had activated bbpress after installing group forums in Buddypress when this started. I deactivated bbpress and the request for an activation code went away.



    @nealw Curious, does the same email activation issue come up if you change to BP Default theme and activate bbPress plugin?



    I haven’t tried, was afraid to break something else. Now the request for an activation code is back right after I login following the link sent to the email. What’s causing this?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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