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Missing create account text and register.php redirects to homepage

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    I am posting this as a new topic because the other instance of this issue is marked as resolved and I have tried almost everything that was suggested there to no avail. The original topic was here:

    I have tried the solution suggested by @Windhamdavid and it did not work for me. I have not “wiped my WPMU and BP install” as @dailynewarker did to fix his problems. I’m hoping that someone can suggest another out besides this.

    In my final post on the other thread/topic I noted:

    I have two installs: one testing site and one live site. On the test install, the registration page is working perfectly. On the live site the registration/signup text on the sidebar and the register page will not display no matter what I do.

    Here’s the test site:

    Here’s the live site:

    I have tested all my plugins for conflicts and tried to make both installs as much alike as possible. The major difference at this point is that the test site has a ton more themes than the live site.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.


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    For anyone that runs across the problem. I never got any response from anyone here so I found an Ajax login plugin that is working beautifully as a workaround. I’m also not having any issues with spambot fake registrations this way either.

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