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Missing posts in Buddypress, but present in database

  • dreddurius


    WP: 4.1.1 (not multi-site)
    BP: 2.2.1
    Theme: Twenty Fifteen
    Plugins activated: Akismet

    Link: ClubBnb

    Hi everybody.

    I recently installed Buddypress (first time) for a travel-community site and all was running smoothly. An hour ago I accidentally overwrote the site’s wp-config.php with my local (vanilla) version. I managed to get it up and running again but I found that the posts, authors, users and other pertinent details are missing from the blog. I checked out the DB at PhpMyAdmin (Godaddy) and saw that they are still there.

    Prior to this I backed up my DB (1,500-ish posts and 60+ users who’ll be after my hide when this isn’t resolved so I’m getting my passport ready just in case 😀 ).

    I’m stumped now so I might as well ask for help from you guys (while I grab a beer that I do not deserve).

    For now I’ll try to recreate the site in my local machine using the most recent DB backup and see what’ll happen.

    If you need more specifics just let me know.

    Thanks guys.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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