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Move bp_xprofile_field_get_children before the function returns false

  • Knight Fight


    Location: bp-xprofiles-classes.php line 417

    I’ve added profile fields programmatically and I populate these with data using that filter. The problem lies in the fact that the function returns false before the filter is applied. The only way to get my filter to be used is to add bogus rows to these fields so it passes the following check..

    `if ( !$children = $wpdb->get_results($sql) )
    return false;`

    Is it possible to move the filter before that check and after the query, i have a workaround by inserting rows but its a bit of a pain to add them for every field.

    I’m not sure what the procedure is about submitting patches, but if possible I would like to see this changed.

    Many Thanx, Patriek.

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