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Multiple BP Integration…

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    Oho Wow, I can post to the Forums now,

    much thanks to DJPaul for that solution.

    now I can go wild ; )

    I’ve been searching, and trying to figure out solutions for this one main thing

    concerning integration of multiple BuddyPress or WPMU installs.

    Any insight on what’s feasible, possible, or any creative solutions

    would be quite appreciated.

    1) If we create different BuddyPress or WPMU portals based on niches,

    is there any way – or work-around to merge and integrate these networks

    where a user profile can work between these various portals?

    I saw blurbs and mentions about this,

    but they ranged from it’s not at all possible

    to this may be coming up in the bp pipeline.

    But I was wondering if there’s any solution or work around for it these days,

    or if something like this could happen.

    2) Is there any way to feed the dynamic content of different BuddyPress networks

    such as activity, members, groups, blogs, or forum updates

    through one home site, home theme, or through widgets?

    3) Or is there a way to connect different WPMU sites or existing blogs

    through one BuddyPress network?

    4) Are the various plugins that make up

    the BuddyPress suite something we could work with

    to create widgets for pre-exsisting sites or blogs

    – kind of like Google Friend Connect or

    Please let me know your good ideas and solutions about this.

    and maybe we could brainstorm some good strategies.

    Look forward to it.

    – Jeff –


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    Hey guys,

    apologies if these sound like newb questions

    or far fetching ideas,

    but I’m really looking to find some creative solutions

    to integrating multiple buddypress portals

    so we can develop a good strategy and

    service options for some clients.

    Please let me know of any solutions out there already,

    what could be possible, or in progress.

    or let me know if anyone would like to join a team

    to work on these kinds of solutions.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    – Jeff –


    John James Jacoby


    Easiest way would be to use the multi-site plugin for WPMU. This will allow you to give the impression of multiple domains and sites using a single WPMU installation, all using a single database including user tables.



    John James Jacoby…

    Thanks a lot for your good response.

    I’ve been looking into the multi-site plugin

    as well as a domain-mapping plugin.

    I take it that these would give a blog

    it’s own unique domain, or a set of blogs

    a –

    which may prove to be good interim solutions.

    but is there any thing that can work like this

    for buddypress pages like the group pages.

    where a group could have it’s own unique domain

    or become a part of the multi-site spin off.

    this way we could host branded niches

    within one buddypress install.

    hope I’m making some sense,

    but let me know if you guys see

    any solutions close to this.

    it is much appreciated.

    – Jeff –


    Rohan Kapoor


    At this point I don’t believe that is possible. You can try playing around with the multi site manager plugin. That looks to be your only hope.

    John James Jacoby


    Because BuddyPress runs as a site-wide plugin, as it sits today you’re stuck with one site-wide member theme. This could be manually side-stepped pretty easily though, by creating a function in your functions.php file to hook into the function used to gather the active member theme, you could theoretically sneak your own directory path in there on a per theme basis.

    Haven’t tried this idea myself, and it might not be that simple in reality.

    Rohan Kapoor


    I do know for sure that you can install multiple bbpress using the same userdatabase. You just integrate all of them into the same the wpmu install and that works. The problem really comes from multiple buddypress.



    Hello Mates, I know I went M.i.A for a while.

    but I wanted to say thanks for the good responses

    before it got way too late.

    I got focused into developing our BP site

    and have been searching through the forums

    for all kinds of questions and possibilities.

    I’m sure I’ll be posting about them soon.

    But for this, I think we’ll start working with group / blog mods first

    and try out the multi-site url solutions.

    The BP integration still seems like an interesting challenge

    especially as the single wordpress BP installs come into play.

    John if you have more details about the functions.php solution,

    please contact me.

    and if there are any other ideas about this,

    or possible plugin solutions,

    I’d love to hear them.


    – Jeff –


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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