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My BP plugin ideas; anyone want to develop with me?

  • Hi team

    I have several strong ideas for BuddyPress plugins, and I’d love to work a few of them collaboratively with others; unfortunately, programming is only a hobby for me and it’s been quite a long time since I’ve worked with anyone on a project (excluding “Wordhack” events).

    The following’s a list of a few of the better ideas I have had, in no particular order. They are all at some stage of development, i.e. sketched out on paper, or prototyped or I’ve written proof-of-concept code. Give me a shout if anyone feels interested.

    1) “Spotlight” search — better presentation of the current search features. Think Spotlight (on Mac OS X).

    2) User import from other social networks — rather than creating a new account and entering all your details (name, picture, etc), type in the URL of your [favourite social network page] and we’ll suck all that information into BuddyPRess.

    3) Machine-readable pages — Provides a machine-readable alternative of your profile/friends list/group page/etc pages. Why? To complement my number 2 idea above and to promote ‘linked data.’ (aka FOAF & SIOC RDF documents).

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  • Nightlyfe


    I’m most in need of a way to import contacts into a member’s profile. While it would be nice for them to not have to fill in all fields again, initially I don’t plan on having all those fields on my site. The one field that matters is the friend list (or address book).

    In other words, If you would preface #2 with a friend import function, and you would move #2 to #1, I’m on board.

    I find the growl/spotlight style searching annoying — that said, predictive suggestions are nice. It would be ideal to set the weight of results, so that chosen links float to the top (even if they arent keyterm relevant).

    As far as machine readable pages, I think a mobilepress style module to output your chosen spec would do just fine. Getting the data in is #1 though.

    I can offer design, process modeling, testing, documentation and $.

    Still waiting on your Achievements upgrade too..



    #2 is something I’d love to see native to BP and have been investigating 3rd-party ways to get it working, Gigya being the latest I’m messing with. I’d be willing to help if I can on a native toolset, most definitely. I’m completely crap at writing code, though, I must admit.

    But I’d *really* like to see new versions of the Welcome Pack and Achievements first, nudge nudge. ;-)

    Hey, thanks much for the feedback. It’s appreciated. I’ve put a new Welcome Pack build out this evening. I’m having to re-write the admin backend for Achievements which is taking lots of time as it’s one part of plugin development I find a bit tricky as I haven’t done it much.

    Maybe we can look at ideas around #2 once I’ve got achievements out.



    I believe you can expand for that “spotlight” plugin. To give an auto suggest for blogs, blog search, members, etc all in one.



    Yay! Thanks for the new Welcome Pack build, DJPaul. I’ll be installing it right away, and will report back if there are any issues.

    Achievements coming out this weekend. Just going to see if I can get some translations done first. Mainly a compatibility release with current BuddyPress and a few changes to admin interface. Plan is to get another version out just after BP 1.2 with more changes.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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