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my ideas to make buddypress better

  • gordielachance


    Hi, i’m currently testing BuddyPress.

    Seems very promising but some features would be greatly appreciated.

    I’ll post them here as I make my tests.

    -limit the number of blog creation for each user

    -add a Classified Ads section (could be a plugin of BBPress)

    -events handling and sharing

    -search members with any custom profile field

    -handle “karma” for a user (other members can rate his messages, posts, … giving him points)

    -possibility of closed subscriptions (only on invitations)

    -multilingual support

    -add external blog URL or RSS Feed in “my blogs”

    -limit login attemps

    …Soon more ideas !

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  • gordielachance


    -limit access to members only

    -protect email adresses against spam



    -rather than limiting access to members only, a perfect feature would be that the user choose (if permitted – I mean, choices allowed should be defined by the admin) how he wants to protect his profile : for each group of fields; public | members only | groups | friends.

    I think this would be rather necessary !

    John James Jacoby


    There is a BP Auths project in the works for after the 1.0 release. The scope of it is to do exactly what you speak of and more. :)

    Some of those are good ideas that have already been added to the trac as enhancements. Others are already plugins by other authors, or could be potential plugins for later on.

    I would say check out the BuddyPress roadmap, and search through some existing enhancement tickets and get a feel for what’s out there and what’s coming. If you think your ideas deserve to be an integrated part of BuddyPress, then add a ticket to the trac and the devs will take it into consideration for the future.



    Nice ! I can’t wait to see next release.

    Also; you should

    -add “online” with “Newest | Active | Popular” in the members widget…



    Sounds like there is a lot yet to come from BP

    I do think that the BP core should be as solid as possible and then increase features by the use of plugins.

    It is sometimes a bit annoying to find really great software thats full of bloat and things that aren’t needed. So provided the core is solid features can be extended with plugins.

    That imo creates great software.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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