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NEW Avenue K9 BP 1.1 Theme Released

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  • Andrea Rennick


    You are my favorite person right now. :) I was looking for a theme on the new framework, and HERE IT IS! :D

    Haha, glad I could help a little =) It’s just a little rework of Andy’s default BP theme, so I can’t take too much credit for it.

    Even still, it gives an easy to understand overview of the new themes. :)

    That’s true. One thing that’ll definitely happen relatively *soon* is that I’ll block out my demo site, because I’m thinking of creating another BP 1.1 theme… one that’s a bit more customized that this css/image one. It’s always fun going back to the drawing board, knowing more than what you knew before.

    Yes, it definitely is.

    FWIW, i just activated it on a site I’m working on and it went fine. Barring some stuff on the main page that could be my fault…

    I actually changed up the homepage slightly from the older 3-column version to reduce it down to a 2-column one, since it gets kinda busy with the filters and all. If you want to have 3 columns, though (I had a request for this yesterday), all you have to do is delete the “layout” folder… just an fyi, anyway =)



    Hi Mike, I guess that was pesky me, wanting a 3-col layout ;)

    I’ve been making some minor mods and it’s looking good so far. I did notice that IE doesn’t display the left column of the front page properly, any ideas what I could do to fix that? (the site is

    Thanks much.




    Thanks for the update. I had no issues with the 1.0 version but I am having a problem with the new theme at Any feedback you (and anyone else) can give is appreciated:

    I’m not getting a 2-column home page. I have 3 columns and the Widgets admin page lists ‘first-section’, ‘second-section’, ‘third-section’, ‘blog-sidebar’.

    When widgets are placed in sections they end up incorrect on the home page:

    -widgets in first section don’t appear on the homepage

    -widgets in second section appear in the 3rd column

    -widgets in third section appear in the 2nd column

    For all of the main ‘pages’ in the menu bar (home, blog, members, etc.), the main body section is not as wide as the top menu and bottom black bar.

    An individual members’ page or a group page you’ll see that the background color (light yellow) do not run the length of the body but end after the menu.

    Lastly! :-) and still on the individual members and group pages, the ‘See All’ link in the green section bars is appearing below the green bar. All you can see is just the top of the text link.

    Mike’s and nighowl99’s site don’t have these formatting issues. I figure my issues are all related although I can’t figure out what would be causing the conflict. Again, anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!



    how could i get my own logo in place of the text?

    also any ideas as to why the white background is a smaller width than the header in the home part of the theme but its the same width in the members part?



    I have same problems like markschafer.

    it does not show left big bar.



    The usage.txt says that the files should go into /wp-content/themes. I’m guessing they should go into wp-content/bp-themes?

    @Tore, no, BP 1.1 themes go into /wp-content/themes/ like any other wordpress themes.

    /wp-content/bp-themes/ is from the previous version of BP and is deprecated.



    I’m having the same issues as markschafer. I have the AvenueK9 theme running correctly on BP 1.1 beta on a root install, but just as markschafer described on a BP 1.1 subdomain install. Maybe this means something?



    @ DJPaul: Ok, thanks!



    @Chris, Mine is a root install so it seems that wouldn’t be related to the problem. I’ve switched to the default bp theme for now. I disabled all of my plugins without getting any improvement.

    Even if you don’t have a solution, please post if you’re having a problem using AvenueK9 theme. That may help us determine the cause of the problem. Is the problem more common than would indicate here (only 3 of us)?



    I’ve got the same problem (I believe) as mark and not sure why it happened.

    I’m going to try to start making my own child theme that is a fixed width and see how that goes, and if I can I’ll help others with their problems.

    hey, sorry guys – i’ve been swamped with my wedding and other personal stuff, so big apologies to these unanswered questions and a big ‘thank you’ to DJPaul who stepped in.

    so for all of you who want to have the organized, aligned, 3-column homepage a la BP 1.0 style, all you have to do is delete the “layout” folder from the AvenueK9 theme folder (it’s located in avenuek9 >> _inc >> css). it’ll take care of all the widget and alignment issues that have been mentioned here and elsewhere.

    also, the slim container issue can be fixed real easily by adding this line “padding: 20px;” to your #container. it’ll be flush with the nav bar and the footer.

    if any of you want to have an image logo rather than the h1 text, go ahead and change “display: block;” to “display: none;” in the “#header h1#logo a” element. then, drop in your image tag and play around with “padding-top:” values for “#header”

    i’m still running BP 1.0 on my, since i haven’t had any time for the upgrade yet, but once life settles down a bit, you can be sure to hear about further improvements to this theme!

    also, i’m much faster at responding to messages, so if it’s urgent, you can try that instead.




    I do like your idea to number the comments like “Comment #1” and “Comment #2”, etc.

    How can I achieve this ? Could you please help ?

    Is there a plug-in to achieve this for ALL comments at my website ?

    NEW AveK9 BP 1.1 Theme Released

    thanks a lot !



    Originally posted by Mike:

    i’ve been swamped with my wedding

    Congrats man!

    @erich – i’m not sure if there’s a plugin for that. mine was just a simple hack of assigning every other comment a different class, so that i could style it differently. this would work sitewide as long as you keep referencing the comments.php file whereever you display your comments. if you message me your email addy, i can send it over.

    @r-a-y thanks man =) only a few more days left until the big plunge, so that’s why i almost got a heart attack when i saw this long thread, haha!



    No worries Mike – and definitely no call for a heart attach. It’s appreciated that you share your work. While your support is great (and accurate and always welcome!), seems like collectively we should be able to figure most of this out.

    So, for anyone who has the TWO column version of this theme working (like Mike’s), please share how the heck you got to work. I understand Mike’s directions for the 3 column layout (although I haven’t tried it). I think Mike implies that the two column layout is the default for the avenueK9 theme and this is what I’m trying to implement. My widgets admin backend indicated that I have 3 columns/sections but I would expect it to only have 2 columns for the home page. As shared previously, placing widgets in various combinations within the 3 backend columns/sections results in a mess (which would probably be fixed by deleting the ‘layout’ folder- if you wanted 3 columns). What’s the trick to getting the default 2 column avenuek9 home page?

    Mike, we’ll see if someone in this community can enlighten me, but if after your wedding, honeymoon and a few kids, you see this isn’t resolved, feel free to set me straight.

    Here’s what I did as a (no doubt really hacky/bad-practice) fix. Seems to display okay in IE8/Chrome/Firefox. Not so much in IE6 but luckily for the piece of work I’m doing I don’t need to support IE6 (muwahaha) :)



    #third-section {
    margin-right: 40px;
    width: 300px;

    #second-section {
    float: right;
    width: 525px;

    #first-section {
    float: right;
    display: none;

    No doubt someone with better css experience will come and point out everything I’ve done wrong here :) But it’s working well enough for me to evaluate the theme a little more.



    so the way this child theme is built is by changing the different values in the stylesheet as well as editing/deleting/editing images. it’s not touching the bp core nor the parent theme, so that upgrades are easy to maintain — you’re just upgrading the parent theme files all the time, which will pass on the upgrades to the child theme.

    here’s where things get slightly tricky… because this child theme relies solely on css, there’s really no way to delete the third homepage widget from the Dashboard Widget panel, because all the css is doing is telling your browser to hide that element from view, not delete the piece of php that calls it to display in the Dashboard. to do that, you’d have to copy over functions.php from the parent theme, move it to the child theme and edit out the lines of code that call the ‘third-section’.

    here’s another slightly tricky part… let’s say BP 1.2 has a whole host of new features that are called through functions.php, then you’d have to copy over that file again to your child theme folder and make the homepage widget edits again — not a *huge* deal since it’ll only take you about a good minute or two, but it’s just something that you or any theme author will have to remember every time you upgrade.

    as to the actual order of the widgets, i’m not really sure what happened there, to be honest. i’ve accessed my avek9 1.1 bp install and ‘first-section’ is laid out on the left, the ‘second-section’ is on the right and the ‘third-section’ is hidden from view (but it would be located to the right, moving ‘second-section’ to the middle), so everything should display that way. i can tell you one thing that controls them are the ‘float’ (left or right) properties (or you can lay out everything with z-index and margins). hopefully, that helps explain it a bit!

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 44 total)
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