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New BuddyPress 1.2 default theme

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  • Brilliant. Thanks for the clarification :)

    @Andy Peatling

    Ah…sorry to spam you somewhat but I was also wondering if there were any plans to enable easy “quoting” within the forums with this theme/BP version (or a future theme/etc). We’ve finally convinced ourselves that flat forums are good but I think we’re definitely going to have to get some sort of quoting mechanism working.


    I’ve just seen this post:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to get that sorted as a plugin sometime soon.



    I love the new theme! I am so glad that you all paid attention to this because I know that this was a major stumbling bloack for many of us early adopters. I cant’ wait to see the fbconnect functions added back in.



    It looks great. Does this Andy character sleep? As he obviously isn’t planning a Christmas holiday:

    “I will probably play with a few child themes over Xmas and produce some new color schemes with a bit more ‘flair’.”

    Just wondering if the members/blogs/groups will be in a sn-parent theme that we can grab if we already have a custom theme? … as the functionality is much better than in the old theme.

    Cheers for all your hard work.

    Hi everyone.

    Is there any update on when this is going into trac? I’m not trying to put any pressure on Andy or complain but for some reason I thought I’d read that it was likely to go on there this weekend sometime.

    Any news or updates that I’m not aware of maybe?



    Second the post of D Cartwright, I’ve been refreshing the trac every few hours to check if the theme is in there yet. Can’t wait to get crackin’ with it.



    as per Andys comment at :

    quote on new BP-default theme:

    It wont be too long. I am working on this, it will more than likely be checked in on Monday or Tuesday. It will still need work done on it though even after that.

    quotes on BP 1.2:

    Signs currently point to late January for 1.2, but I will be able to say more accurately when a beta is released. This theme will be checked into trunk next week so you can start looking at it then. There will be more updates and changes, but hopefully nothing too drastic.

    It is not going to be before Christmas, there is still much left to do and there needs to be at least a few weeks of beta testing. I would say January is looking more likely. It was going to be December before I decided it was important to change the theme for 1.2. That has bumped it back.




    Then I’ll have to delay my themes till january as well, I’m not going to build my themes so that I’ll have to redo them when the new theme is out.

    If we have themes based on the current default (which I understood was still going to hang around as “classic”) would we really have to “re-do” a whole new theme? Really?

    I don’t mean a child theme per se, because a child theme of the current default could just have it’s parent template name changed, if the original one is changed. That’s a simple fix.

    So… if I built a new theme based on the current default’s elements, and it’s staying around, I don’t see yet how it;s not going to work, you know? :) I can see maybe missing out on any new features, but that;’s a long way from needing to completely redo themes (like last time…). :)

    (darn stupid internet making me do a double post)

    Exactly :)



    @ Andrea: If a newer and better version of a theme which you will base your work off is coming out soon, wouldn’t you rather wait than making the theme right away?

    Seeing what has changed from the old buddypress parent theme and the new one, you might as well call it a redo.

    It really depends on the improvements being rolled in, really. I can’t really say until I look at the code.

    If there’s going to be a dev version of it available to work on soon then it would be pretty pointless to start work on a theme based on the old “bp-classic” theme. I have no problems with Andy not putting it into trunk this weekend (though of course I wouldn’t complain if he did) but in regards to creating plugins/themes/etc, I’d far prefer to work on the basis of what will be the future of BuddyPress rather than the past.



    think about this (as per message from Andy):

    So far the BuddyPress default theme updates have taken the CSS down from 2800 (!) lines to 800. JS from 1400 to 600.

    Sounds promising Erich73…

    I am more than happy with it not being ‘stable’ until late January/early February. I can deal with revisions and such in the meantime :)

    Oohh.. Time to spam F5 on the trac methinks :)



    @ D Cartwright: What if you crash the trac before Andy can release the theme? lol :)


    I was actually worried that the extra load might cause problems :p I took a break from refreshing the page endlessly and bought a coffee. Installing it now..Woo.

    I’ve just checked the theme in. To answer andrea_r’s question above —

    You will still be able to build themes from bp-sn-parent. That theme is not going away, it will continue to be present for the foreseeable future. I have updated it to be compatible with all the latest BuddyPress changes.

    The new bp-default theme will actually be a parent theme. For the default it makes less sense making a separate parent theme since you can simply just leave out all the default CSS and keep the templates.

    The structure has changed though, and overall is much better and easier to understand. It follows the navigation of the actual site much closer. Plus there is less than half the CSS and only one major CSS file. The JS has also been hugely simplified.

    High fives all around then! Something for everyone!

    Must be some end-of-year seasonal type holiday thing going on with all the PRESENTS! :D

    So if one were to use a child that simply tweaks a parent via CSS (as well as probably a header and footer override)… it would probably make the most sense to use the NEW theme as your parent since I assume the classic theme will… at some point… NOT be kept as up-to-date with all the latest changes?



    That would be logical David.. Can’t speak for Andy ofcourse but it would make sense to built upon the new theme with all the performance and theme developer friendly .css layouts.. It would mean a better experience for my users and less trouble for me updating my theme :)



    I have just done a cursory overview of the new theme but the “fact that activities drive everything” is a big shift and would hinder me from using the new theme especially if the activities panel can’t be widgetized.

    The goal of my site is to have group(what i am calling projects) be the focal point, no blogs at all. I will continue to look at the new theme and see if I can mod it to my needs.

    Is there a list of other features that are coming out with 1.2?




    “The new bp-default theme will actually be a parent theme.”

    Just downloaded trunk-r2184. I was wondering about that when I opened the folder. Thank you Andy for this impressive work as always.

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