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new member registration email with buddypress on local host

  • richard



    I’ve just installed the latest version of wpmu and buddypress on a wamp local host.

    Everything seems to be working fine so I’ve tried to register as a new user to see how everything looks but the confirmation email never arrives.

    I am guessing that this is because of the localhost installation can’t send emails and have been trying (without success) to search for a fix here at the forums .

    Is there a plugin or workaround for this or is there something else I need to configure ?

    Thanks for your help

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  • richard


    Problem Solved !

    Great, there is a solution for my problem!
    But, what is it?




    Nice of you to congratulate yourself for solving the problem. However, these posts show up on search results so it would be good protocol for you to explain your solution. Cheers!

    One approach might be to configure php.ini to use the smpt localhost and port lines (i.e uncomment) and set an explicit sendmail_from address or simply configure sendmail,

    I’ve never had an issue with sending email reg confirmations from a test environment but then I scrabbled around and worked out how to configure ‘fake sendmail’ which essentially amounted to stating a true smtp server to use e.g my main email account.

    This is one of those issues that is not really application based necessarilly but more server OS oriented and finding a solution may be quicker focusing on these aspects rather than WP/BP and perhaps trying in a WAMP forum? or XAMPP? for a solution?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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