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new to buddypress – freaking out – need 2 things

  • Mark Snyder


    Hi there,

    I am hoping to transfer to using buddypress. So far, things are not going as easily as I thought they would.

    My site is based around people being able to post their own blog posts, and then I feature them on the front page.

    1. I don’t see the log-in / register on my page (essential!) to see – where do people register? !
    2. I installed the community blog plugin but I don’t see anything about being able to post or create their own blogs or blog posts on profiles.

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  • r-a-y


    1) Read this.

    2) It sounds like you’re using regular WordPress. Your users will need to be setup with the default role of “Contributor” or higher. You can set this on the “Settings > General” page in the WordPress admin area:

    Then you can try installing a front-end posting plugin. Read this thread for more details:

    @queertoday: do you need members to be able to maintain their own, separate blog sites, or do you just want them to be able to publish posts on the main site’s blog? If they need their OWN blogs, you’ll need to set your WordPress installation to Multisite mode:

    Mark Snyder


    I got it working – all i needed was for users to be allowed to contribute to the main blog really. Though, ning of course lets each person have their own blog and section of the site. I think I was duped into thinking buddypress was going to be a great solution to move from ning too, but it’s clearly not fully functional nor easy to use.

    That said, I like wordpress. So I might try to make it work.



    You actually can give each person their own blog. You just have to use what was previously called WordPress MU (now called Multisite and comes with WordPress 3.0). There’s some extra configuration, but it’s definitely possible.

    There’s definitely more configuration with BuddyPress and WordPress MU than Ning, but there’s also more ability to customize as well.

    Everything has its own learning curve. There’s currently a couple of issues on WordPress 3.0 installs, but we’re working on those. Everything else is and should work fine, though that’s not to say improvements can be made in future releases.

    I think you thought BuddyPress+WordPress would do things that it doesn’t, and that’s unfair to blame BuddyPress for not matching your expectations.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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