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[new user] Avatars pixelated, site-wide activity, and more

  • lindsayanng


    So I just installed MU and buddy press and so far I am pretty happy (although the template I downloaded needed a lot more work than I expected.. but whatever.

    So here is the site:

    I created a super paired down version of that same theme for the individual user blogs so it doesn’t feel like you leave the main page at all. The reason for this is because I dont WANT people to have a lot of freedom because you need to have some knowledge of wordpress to use these freedoms and this site is for people who are entirely stupid when it comes to tech.

    So now that I have removed the ability for these people to do MOST things, I need to start cleaning up a tad.

    So one issue is on my main page you will notice, down by the site-wide activity, one of the avatars (the larger) Is super pixelated. This is only happening with Gravatar avatars and NOT the ones uploaded through the avatar upload feature.

    Second question.. Is there a way to create an area on the main page that shows “RECENT IMAGES” or “RECENT UPLOADS” and show every and all image uploaded to any blog site-wide? Similar to the recent posts, but with images.

    and FINALLY… the activity area is SUPER ugly.. Has anyone successfully styled it? I can’t seem to find the place to do so.

    Also I am open to any suggestions for MU or BP plugins. The goal here is to give everyone their own identical blogs that they can add content to. Everyone SHOULD have the same categories, pages, etc.. As you can see, its for fish people.. So i’d like to require categories such as “TANK PICTURES” “FiSH PICTURES” etc..

    So far I have one plugin that lets me set default values for new blogs.. but thats it/

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  • 3sixty


    The promise of the Internet is fulfilled… you have created the most specific niche site on the World Wide Web. “So yeah, we’re in to aquariums… no, not fish, but the plants. You know, acquatic plants. And we’re from Connecticut. “

    You also have the longest URL I think I have ever seen, outside of parody sites. is available – you should grab that and run with it.

    In terms of the pixillated gravatar: is this also a problem in the default BP theme? It seems like it might be an issue with the “Cosmic Buddy” theme you’re using. I’ve had similar issues with BP avatars that I’ve been able to fix by changing the args for the avatar function from ‘thumb’ to ‘full’.



    Haha you arent kidding.. Its the single most NICHE site and with most ridiculously LONG url on the planet. I did not pick it, its not my choice.. i tried to talk them out of it..

    Now, of coarse that I have wordpress mu all installed and working, they are ready to POSSIBLY change it (BLAHH I WANNA SCREAM FOR THAT) But I am pretty sure I can change the url site-wide by exporting the DB and doing a find/replace in a text editor so thats not a massive issue

    So can you tell me where the args for the avatar are within bp? Or is this something I have to search for within my theme? any guesses as to where i might be?



    OMG! are you serious they chose that name? LOL

    Are you using BP 1.2 and is that theme been updated to work with it?



    I would recommend asking Brajesh, the theme author. He does answer comments regularly about the theme at his site



    I totally wish i could say i was kidding!!! Hopefully changing it will not be THAT hard!

    As for the BP version… Hmm wish I could answer that question. How do i know what version BP i have? I JUST installed it but i dont know, assuming its the newest.

    The theme otherwise has been working fine.. why? is this a problem typical to older themes?



    Check your plugins list, and that will tell you what version of BP you have, though if you just installed automatically, you probably have a 1.2 version.

    I would switch to the bp default theme and see if the gravatar are still pixillated. Assuming not, you have a theme issue, and you’ll either need to find the code that calls the gravatar to appear, or check with the theme author to see if he can recommend a fix.



    Incredible that that domain was free –:)

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