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New users but not one confirms emails

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  • @mercime




    Thank you for the recommendation.

    I tried that plugin yesterday however the limitations due to it’s navigation make it very difficult to use. For example I have 56 pages of members, you have to click all the way through to page 28 to reach those members then select the 10 on that page and choose send, then it refreshes all the way back to page 1.

    Plus it only resends an email which doesn’t seem to be prompting them to do anything anyway.

    Not sure how to proceed to be honest.

    Slava Abakumov


    BP Registration Options.

    I think those users are spam. What usernames do they have?



    I think you are correct, there’s 530 users now.

    Some of them have bot in the email name and many are from the same domain.

    What’s interesting is that the default forum role is being assigned to these users but not others and these users have their name field filled out whereas others don’t.

    What is the point of signing up for an account but then not confirming it to then spam the forum?



    in your word press dashboard on the “users” page you can select ‘page options’ near the top right and then show 200 results per page to make it easier to go through the users. I had this problem with a site and I would just ‘select all’ and then go through and un-select users that I knew were real people. . . Spam Sucks. . . Good Luck!

    Roshan Roy


    Yeah man,it’s probably spam..i had this problem then i activated a captcha plugin and i hoped for the still didn’t,i activated the honeypot trap.and that actually worked..just search for the buddypress captcha plugin



    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will give the Honeypot Trap plugin a try as I believe you are all correct and it’s spam.

    Think I’m going to go to BBpress forums only at first and then reintegrate Buddypress later as there’s a few too many complications with BP right now.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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