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Next BPDEV plugin? Here your proposal

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  • gpo1


    The issue is not many users know what openID is and many people are on FB.



    Offtopic: i’ll do that only if fb pay me :D

    I think openid is more simple to integrate..



    Facebook Connect for WordPress

    This may have been discussed elsewhere in the forum, I apologize in advance if it was.

    Plugin: Auto Delete Messages/Inactive Blogs after X Number of Days.

    I’m sure messages take up space in the database – why not delete when after X number of days, where X is a number that the admin defines. The same thing could be done with inactive blogs as well. Of course it would automatically send a warning out to the user warning them that an update is recommended or the blog will be deleted.

    For me, FB Connect is MUCH, MUCH more attractive than OpenID. My target audience is the general public, not Linux evangelists. Most of my target audience uses Facebook, but has no idea what OpenID is. A Facebook button on my site is of much more commercial value then OpenID (whether I like it that way or not). Small social networks are often competing with Facebook, and people are a lot more likely to join my sites if my sites integrate smoothly with FB.

    Just my .08 worth. Please consider FB Connect.


    The Facebook Connect plug-in works beautifully on regular WP, but not WPMU. I’ve heard on other forums that there are just a couple of bugs keeping it from working with MU, so it might be very easy to implement…for someone who knows how. (I don’t.)



    You seems to be too fb dependent :P

    I already said, i will write that plugin only under payment, not free

    >> You seems to be too fb dependent :P

    Mmm, I’m not dependent on Facebook (and I don’t particularly like it), but I’m smart enough to know that FB is immensely popular. A smart site owner will take advantage of that popularity instead of trying to compete with it. It’s hard not to support something that has over 150 million active users.

    >> I already said, i will write that plugin only under payment, not free

    I was trying to point out that it might not be necessary to write such a plug-in. The plug-in already exists (the one from Sociable, plus another one from a Facebook developer). It might only take a little tweaking to make it work with WPMU. Writing a plug-in from scratch probably isn’t necessary.

    What kind of payment would you require to tweak an existing plug-in to work with WPMU?



    markb1439, if you need this that bad why not contact sixjump and get them to create the plugin for BP?

    Some update on this I’ve been liason with a Facebook staff on this although his busy, quote ” if you would like to figure out what kind of changes are necessary I’d be happy to accept patches.”

    I am interested on FB-connect,but does it provide full access to BP?

    >> markb1439, if you need this that bad why not contact sixjump and get them to create the plugin for BP?

    I am trying this also, however Nicola asked the community what we want, so I told him.

    I would also be interested in talking with Facebook about this, but I don’t know whom to contact.

    Nicola, I hope you can accept some constructive criticism.

    You have made tremendous contributions to BuddyPress. However, I think it’s ironic that you ask people what they want as the next plug-in, then you reject suggestions that don’t match your open-source philosophy. In this thread, more than one person asked for Facebook Connect, and other people asked for other Facebook-style features. I didn’t count all the requests, but I would say that Facebook functionality or integration is the thing that was requested most.

    But you have an objection to Facebook because it’s a commercial operation and you prefer open-source. However, many of us need our sites to be commercially successful, so FB integration can be very helpful to us whether we like it or now.

    So please don’t ask for requests and then reject the most popular request because you don’t like it.

    I would like to see the WP video framework plugin integrated into BP…. users can upload videos in there blogs and also have the videos show in their profiles as a track to show who uploaded what, kinda like a video site wide activity feature…



    There’s a featured group plugin, what about a featured user? Displays their picture and bits about them. Links back to their profile. That would be nice.



    @jimthedj65, Regarding WP video framework plugin integrated into BP, you need to liaison with ddmitry on this. He got it working on his site !!



    my wishlist:

    a plugin to move around widgets on profile.

    a plugin (wire to ping)




    1. subscription / payment system like gigaom

    2. facebook connect integration with WPMU/BP

Viewing 16 replies - 26 through 41 (of 41 total)
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