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[Resolved] No Registration Page visible

  • David S


    Hi, can you please help?

    I’m setting up a site using WP 4.1 as of 02/14/2015. For some reason the Register page does not show up whether I am logged in as an Administrator or logged out and looking at the site from the visitor’s perspective. Obviously there’s something wrong but I can’t find it yet.

    There are no other pages called Register, the page was activated and saved in the BP settings, and yet it does not exist that it can be used or seen in any way. There is also no Activate page visible or possible to use and yet the page exists.

    When I keep going to the BuddyPress Settings page and then go to Pages, the Register and Activate pages do exist but I can’t set and save the changes so that BuddyPress accepts a Register and an Activate page in the settings. I’ve tried about ten times to check. The pages exist, are there, in the menu, but there is no coding in the pages and it’s impossible to save those pages in the Settings.

    Is BuddyPress no longer good with the most recent WordPress? I’ve deactivated all other plugins and logged out and looked at the site repeatedly and there’s still no way to Register or Activate a forum account. Can anyone please help with what I could be doing wrong? I’m wondering at this point if I need to just delete the site database and just try it all over again and just add WP and then BP and try again and if it doesn’t work the next time try BB Press? Also, I noticed on some BuddyPress pages there appears to be a weird white “sub menu” in the background that can’t be used or read clearly but is not on other pages.

    So I’m lost at this point. The site URL is if you can help. I’ll leave it off maintenance mode…………

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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